Hilarious: Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Plagiarism Charges

Show a little bit of respect, Rachel Maddow
539Romantic Heretic
10/31/13 11:23:50 am
re: #502 Justanotherhuman Same as elsewhere. He can be voted out, and will be eventually. He'll do a lot of damage before that. Toronto is a strange place. It used to be 'Metropolitan Toronto'. It was four large cities and ...

US Officials: Phone Records Given to NSA by European Intelligence Services

Major Greenwald fail
10/30/13 1:31:38 pm
re: #70 JamesRyanBoston Greenwald has maintained that the USA is out grabbing up the world's data for nefarious purposes. Instead, it turns out that the data for this is supplied by our allies, and that there is obviously an allied ...

WSJ publishes op-ed from health care expert Suzanne Somers

The future is a head hitting a desk, forever.
10/30/13 6:47:31 am
re: #27 Sophist, D.D., DDS, DFH That sums up the intellectual heft and tenor of just about every right-wing publication and bogus news organization in America. They are nothing more than the point of origin for a bunch of cheesy ...

Greenwald: The NSA Has Nothing to Do With Terrorism

The US is uniquely evil - terrorism is just a pretext
10/29/13 10:52:35 am
re: #263 The Ghost of a Flea In the early days of American trade unions, strikers were routinely beaten and shot and set upon by dogs. Sometimes it was the Pinkertons (a private agency), but for coal miners and steel ...

Federal Judge Rules Key Provisions of Texas Abortion Law Unconstitutional

The religious right had to know this was coming
10/28/13 11:29:48 pm
Late to the discussion as usual, but abortions used to be (and still could w/ the right equipment ) an office procedure. The only anesthesia needed is a paracervical block. In fact. when one the local multispecialty clinics in town ...

60 Minutes’ Benghazi Eyewitness Asked Fox News for Money

“We stopped speaking to him when he asked for money”
10/29/13 8:50:33 am
re: #51 Kragar That headline is full of win. The nucking futs have gone over the falls in a barrel, shrieking like morons all the way. "The Communists did it! The Communists are coming!" I see an old man stumbling ...