Video: Irreducible Complexity Cut Down to Size

707(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
12/01/10 5:19:17 am
re: #3 Fozzie Bear Also known as the Principle of sufficient reason. :)

Here’s an excellent new video from “QualiaSoup,” debunking the nonsensical arguments for “irreducible complexity” and “intelligent design.” (Creationism by any other name would smell as rank…) %%YT=W96AJ0ChboU%%

Fox Nation Links to Onion Satire, Readers Don’t Get Joke, Go Nuts

11/28/10 10:03:05 am
A large fraction of the Fox news reports, at least on their website, are mostly fake and get the same kind of insane reaction of anti-Obama hatred. It's not surprising that a satirical piece from the Onion would seem any ...