Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): Not Teaching Creationism Is ‘Censorship’

Bachmann joins the anti-science chorus
12/01/11 12:11:21 pm
Maybe I'm a little thick, but I thought the purpose of teaching science to children was to familiarize them with the scientific method, and the development of scientific thought, so they could perform experiments, understand how geology, medicine, chemistry, physics, ...

Just to drive home the point that the Republican Party has become the anti-science bad craziness party, Michele Bachmann came out today and joined Rick Santorum in calling for creationism to be

Santorum Calls For Public Schools To Teach Creationism

The Republican Party’s endless war on reality
295Birth Control Works
11/30/11 8:41:30 pm
re: #294 ProLifeLiberal Well, who knows how he's been punished privately, or inwardly. A public spectacle may never happen, but we don't know that he hasn't also suffered in some way as a result.

The Cain Campaign: Massive Fail 101

Record levels of ineptitude
11/30/11 4:25:28 pm
re: #17 Varek Raith You mischaracterized the content of the article. What actually happened was that a slip in typing html code caused the header "Europe" to not appear on the web page, but just on the downloadable version of ...

Pamela Geller’s Monumental Butterball Fail Just Keeps Going

Also: Geller promotes stealth shariah creationism
11/28/11 9:04:25 am
re: #304 lostlakehiker Newt doesn't stand a chance. The only reason he's surging in the polls is because the GOP base doesn't want to nominate Romney. Gingrich was tossed aside and marginalized by the Republicans for over a decade and ...