And Now, the Number One #2 Pencil Sharpener in the World

Mechanical pencils are bullshit
197Reality Based Steve
11/30/13 3:56:52 pm
re: #194 wrenchwench I did a ride called "Bicycle Illinois" a few years ago (Cairo to Chicago, 500 miles / 6 days) and there was a guy with a Trek Madone, all Carbon Fiber, that he SWEARS he got at ...

No, Angola Has Not ‘Banned Islam’. It’s a Little More Complicated Than That.

267Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
11/28/13 10:36:02 am
So, the wingnuts cheer the Russian dictator, devour Kremlin propaganda as Gospel, and, now, we see them enthusiastically (if mistakenly) support the suppression of religion by a Russian satellite regime. My, my, this is not your father's right wing, folks. ...

Tuesday Night Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Emmanuel, Train to Dusseldorf

So good
11/27/13 12:23:37 pm
re: #213 Justanotherhuman Derek is well respected among his peers (some of whom wish they had his chops). The buzz around Derek from a very early age has always been, "wow have you seen this kid play the guitar? He's ...

Benghazi Boogaloo Claims Another Victim: Lara Logan to Take “Leave of Absence” From CBS

The Benghazi brain virus strikes again
11/26/13 4:07:54 pm
re: #77 Bulworth No they fired him when he started showing up to school functions with his girlfriend while he was still married. Mind you, this was a conservative Christian collage.

Overnight Weird Video: Beats Antique - ‘Beelzebub’ (Feat. Les Claypool)

326klys (maker of Silmarils)
11/26/13 12:37:30 pm
re: #324 Political Atheist The problem I had with your comment (and the reason I replied in the first place) is that you weren't discussing the actual legislation. I specifically said I wasn't commenting on the legislation itself, merely that ...

Breitbart’s Obamacare Expert: the GOPer Who Thinks Evolution and Embryology Are “Lies From the Pit of Hell”

Right wing journalism collides with right wing science, hilarity ensues
11/28/13 7:11:36 pm
re: #9 GeneJockey re: #9 GeneJockey I beg to differ, all MDs start out as scientists but I'm being stunned at the number of MDs who seem to have taken to forgetting or denying science. Knowing a number of colleagues ...