End of the Year Prediction Thread

717Interesting Times
1/02/12 8:32:06 am

It’s the time of year when it becomes mandatory to make predictions about what will occur in the next year, so here’s mine. Despite right wing bloggers and Fox News concocting at least one minor fake outrage per day, and at least two ridiculously overblown fake outrages per week, Barack …

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): ‘Biblically Qualified to Be President’

Photo of the day
334Tomm JOnzz
1/03/12 3:45:04 pm
ugh. can we please stop degrading and disrespecting Mars like that? i mean, really; Mars is really very Earth-like and may have been more so in the past. there is very little remotely Earth- if not human-like about Bachmann. besides, ...

Geller and Spencer Spew More Insults and Conspiracy Theories at Your Humble Narrator

And I was just trying to be helpful
1/01/12 9:06:08 pm
Wow, that really is a strange connecting of the dots; all I was trying to do is figure out why this story was important enough to warrant posting to the blog. A guy showed he had the rarest of all ...

Wingnuts In a Lather After Wordpress.com Takes Down Anti-Muslim Blog

Kudos to Wordpress: free speech stops when you are making specific terror threats
85Tommy B
12/30/11 3:17:39 pm
A couple of selections from the comments section on the Yahoo story: At least that second comment has no up votes and four down votes. The first comment, with its "car bomb" suggestion, currently has seven up votes and one ...

Stormfront Founder Says White Supremacists Thought Ron Paul Was ‘One of Us’

There’s a reason why Ron Paul is the favorite politician of the racist subculture
12/29/11 10:35:10 pm
re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist re: #29 SanFranciscoZionist People do business with those that dont like them and those they dont like all the time. I did business with a fellow for a long time with little knowledge of his political views. ...

Geller and Spencer Get Lathered Up, Spew Insults and Conspiracy Theories

“Who is paying you?”
101Citizen Bob
12/29/11 10:22:35 pm
Off point and not critical... when you quote someone and add the incredulous question mark, the question mark should be outside the quotations. I.e.: "Bagelboy"? The '?' is not being quoted, you see. Not to distract from the conversation. Bob ...

Anti-Muslim Bloggers Invent Another ‘Honor Killing’

Exploiting a horrible tragedy to spread hatred
12/28/11 11:48:06 pm
re: #406 boxhead Its even worse when someone uses something like this to promote bigotry, against a particular group of people and acts like its representative of all or even most members of that group with no good reason to ...

Radical Anti-Choice Personhood Groups Host ‘Presidential Pro-Life Forum’

It’s a fundamentalist fanatic-fest
752Feline Fearless Leader
12/28/11 10:40:35 am
re: #698 lawhawk But a couple of pop stars being scientifically ignorant is annoying. A politician and potential presidential candidate being so is threatening.

Breaking! Many Ron Paul Supporters Aren’t Republicans!

This is news?
12/28/11 9:36:20 am
re: #33 wozzablog Yeah, he has more than a few stopped-clock "good ideas", but as they come from the wrong reasons, they'll be implemented poorly and to the same conservative ends. "his drug stance appeals" For example, he's not for ...