Breitbrat Mike Flynn: Obama Scuttled the Cliff Deal With Mockery

Commenters spew racism and hatred
256wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
12/31/12 9:55:11 pm
re: #223 Dr Lizardo Maybe this doesn't directly relate to your friend's belief system, but you can steer her to No Longer Quivering. It's mostly about the Quiverfull "movement," which is all about male domination and female submission (and popping ...

The Next Big GOP Tantrum: The Debt Ceiling

One mild jab from Obama sends the GOP into hours of furious whining about “insults”
12/31/12 6:23:08 pm
But with this Congress, that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time. And the Republicans say they were insulted? I don't see anything in Obama's remarks calling out Republicans. But, I guess the shoe fits ...

Video: President Obama on Meet the Press

“The pressure’s on Congress to produce”
12/30/12 7:04:49 pm
re: #25 dragonfire1981 1. They're not six years old; 2. We feed them too well already. If we did like the old British judges did 200 years ago, we'd lock them in a room without food until they came up ...

Gun-Crazed Wingnuts File New Petition: Prosecute Sen. Feinstein for “Treason to the Constitution”

Wingnuts invent new category of crime
12/31/12 9:47:28 am
"The Constitution was written to restrain the government" The framers met in 1787 because the Articles of Confederation had left the federal government too weak, not too strong.

New Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz: Climate Change Is the “Most Urgent Challenge of Our Generation”

From a state that will feel the effects first
12/28/12 7:18:31 pm
re: #135 Mich-again Won't work. Louisiana is very flat there at the bottom. You'd need a levee all the way around the perimeter. There's no chokepoint. And if you want some depth to your lake, the levee would have to ...

Finally, the Right Wing Wants to Prosecute Someone for Violating Gun Laws

Idiocy of the day
12/26/12 10:20:53 pm
re: #263 Shiplord Kirel It used to feel like this country naturally gravitated toward the center and away from extremism. Yes, we've had periods of extremism...the Civil War, the widespread popularity of the Klan in the 20's, the Red Scare, ...