Happy New Year!

An open thread as we start another trip around the Sun
1/01/15 3:58:34 pm
Happy New Year! Thanks for helping me keep relatively sane. Hope it's a great year for everyone!

In Times Square they’re preparing to drop the ball, and here’s an open thread to ring in the new year at LGF. I wish all of our readers the very best in 2015!

White Supremacists Run Interference for Steve Scalise

This is me, still not buying it for one microsecond
1/01/15 12:49:01 pm
re: #3 Charles Johnson It says a lot doesn't it that white nationalists who you'd think would be openly elated that one of their own was in power have decided to distance themselves from him, because they're apparently afraid that ...

House Majority Whip Scalise Says He Didn’t Know He Was Speaking at a David Duke-Sponsored Event

This is me, not buying it for one microsecond
12/29/14 4:20:46 pm
He didn't know? Really? *guffaw* So then someone like, say, Steny Hoyer could have in the past attended an event organized by Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah and even watched/listened to a speech given by Nasrallah at said event, and then claim ...

Erick Erickson: “If Obama Were a Transvestite Serial Killer the Media Would Turn a Blind Eye”

Erickson’s a new man. He’s “matured.” Right.
309unproven innocence
12/29/14 4:59:51 pm
re: #308 compound_Idaho For US oil production, yes, it did peak about 1970, as predicted in '56. mkinghubbert.com See also M. King Hubbert

Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Mayor De Blasio’s Family

Johnson’s freakishly repulsive behavior continues
12/30/14 2:24:00 pm
Of course, many actual historians today view Chamberlain's decision as the action that saved Britain and gave the country a chance to build up it's forces enough to actually military oppose Hitler. He delayed German action against the UK for ...

The Most Unusual and Twisted Short Film Since Eraserhead: “Self-Assembly”

So many trigger warnings I can’t even
311William Lewis
12/25/14 10:57:56 am
re: #300 Rightwingconspirator Mom was a good catholic in the end, despite some rather serious ratfucks that are a big chunk of why I am an Episcopalian rather than a Roman. As a result she chose to stop eating. The ...