New Year’s Eve Jam: Laura Marling, “How Can I”

I would have gone if you’d asked me to
1/01/16 12:20:30 pm
re: #218 sagehen Due to the strategic arms limitation treaties both the USA and Russia decommissioned a large number of existing warheads. We both ended up with large stockpiles of weapons grade uranium and plutonium that are already on the ...

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: “Maybe I’ll Wear a Fetus Next Time”

Right wing humor
12/31/15 10:11:24 am
No one gets it. Republicans know they cannot win the Presidency. They have no policies that work any more. if they let a Democrat win the Presidency then they can keep obstructing and using rhetoric to whip up anger and ...

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson Wears Necklace of Bullets on CNN, Interviewer Doesn’t Even Mention It

This is crazy
290Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
12/30/15 7:26:41 am
There are a lot of complete morons on Twitter cheering her on for being as awful as they are. Some idiot even called his betters "beta." This is UpChucks moronic subculture.

Trump Touts Bogus Poll From Birther Conspiracy Site World Net Daily to Show Minorities Support Him

The GOP leader gets even more ridiculous
12/29/15 8:40:05 pm
re: #291 KingKenrod Page 40, lines 15-19 state clearly that posting was not part of determination. Item 3 contains nothing that contradicts lines 15-19.
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Donald Trump’s Whiplash on Wages

He was against high wages before he was for them
12/28/15 5:44:25 pm
re: #344 Nyet And the whole fucking Cleveland Police Department needs to be indicted by the Feds, have an overview board setup to determine policy changes and the further employment of all of the staff and to run the department ...