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1 Goosestepping Obama Tina Brown(New Dance Craze)  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 4:50:08pm

I use to follow Le Pen closely in the mid to late 90’s. I am not jewish but i was engaged to a guy from Nice who was Jewish and i learned a lot about Le Pen from him. Why would anyone trust these people? All these groups in Europe with long Nazi ties all of a sudden love Jews? I don’t trust these animals one bit.

2 Killgore Trout  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 5:11:46pm

Here’s a section that didn’t make it in my post about the recent visit to Israel from Eurofascist “Pro Israel” parties….

Several of your senior colleagues on the European far right visited Israel recently, invited by the settlers and groups on the Israeli far right. What is your opinion of this alliance?

“The shared concern about radical Islam explains the relationship … but it is possible that behind it is also the need of the visitors from Europe to change their image in their countries … As far as their partners in Israel are concerned, I myself don’t understand the idea of continuing to develop the settlements. I consider it a political mistake and would like to make it clear in this context that we must have the right to criticize the policy of the State of Israel - just as we are allowed to criticize any sovereign country - without it being considered anti-Semitism. After all, the National Front has always been Zionistic and always defended Israel’s right to exist.

She does take issue with the settlements but still considers FN to be a Zionist party.

3 CuriousLurker  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 5:31:53pm

From the article:

There’s no anti-Semitism today in Europe. This expression of hostility disappeared after World War II. The growing [Islamic] anti-Semitism in our territory is related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As I’ve already declared in the past, today in France there are entire regions where it’s better not to be a Jew, a woman, a homosexual or even an ordinary white Frenchman.”

—Marine LePen

No anti-Semitism in Europe? O_o

I guess that rabbi in Germany you mentioned yesterday was just pulling a stunt to garner sympathy. //

The last line above about “entire regions” of hapless white Frenchmen being oppressed by the cruel Muslim overlords sounds Tea Party-ish to me. Call me a cynic, but somehow I remain unconvinced that Ms. LePen loses any sleep fretting over the well-being of Jews, homosexuals, or (non-white) women.

4 CuriousLurker  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 5:44:21pm

re: #3 CuriousLurker

The last line above about “entire regions” of hapless white Frenchmen being oppressed by the cruel Muslim overlords sounds Tea Party-ish to me.

Except that it’s not as strident & whiny. I also assume most members of her party aren’t running around dressed in silly costumes. She appears to speak & dress like a normal adult and she sounds reasonable (if you don’t carefully parse what she’s saying & fact check things). That makes her dangerous, IMO.

5 What, me worry?  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 6:27:30pm

That article is just jam packed with oodles of goodies, I hardly know where to begin. I share all your thoughts.

Don’t you consider the recent legislation banning the burka and the niqab a type of solution?

“Today’s political leadership lacks courage and vision. It dealt with these items of clothing, but should also have forbidden the wearing of a head scarf in public; after all, it’s a political statement, as are the mass prayers in the streets. In the past the government permitted the closing of only one street in France for prayers. Now there are 15 such streets, and in the future there will be 100. In the past they didn’t have loudspeakers; now the prayers can be heard at full volume. It’s impossible. There should have been a section introduced into the constitution that anchors the principles of secularism more strictly.”

The wearing of the head scarf is a political statement? No, it’s a religious code. Jews have it, too. Secondly, I was just thinking about these mass prayers in the streets the other day, oddly enough. I saw it on video a few months back. The mosques have become so crowded that Muslims spill out into the street. The way France has dealt with this is to barricade off the street and divert traffic. Further, people living in the neighborhood are prohibited from leaving their homes during prayers or so the video said - I don’t believe they showed that..

Why haven’t the police and local government done anything about this? It wouldn’t happen here, no matter who you are. Or is France is governed by a bunch of spineless weenies who can’t control their own populace? People, any people, will push the envelope. That’s why you have cops. It’s not about “anchoring the principles of secularism” as much as allowing all people the same respect and making sure all abide by the law, religious or not, including those wishing to navigate a public street. The French don’t have a law which prohibits people congregating on a public street?

6 What, me worry?  Fri, Jan 7, 2011 7:40:31pm

re: #2 Killgore Trout

Here’s a section that didn’t make it in my post about the recent visit to Israel from Eurofascist “Pro Israel” parties…

She does take issue with the settlements but still considers FN to be a Zionist party.

She’s a liar like Arafat was a liar. Repeats what everyone wants to hear and maybe if you say it enough it will become true. If she was a Zionist, she would support the Jews in Jerusalem. But that’s how liars are. They step all over themselves. It pains me to think that my brothers and sisters are embracing these people. It’s a huge mistake. The Kahanists aligning with the EDL is almost a given.

I don’t accept the term “settler” or “settlement”. You can’t settle your own land. The term is meant to imply the Jews don’t belong there when they were there some 2400 years before Islam was created.

I don’t know how we’ll get to peace, but oddly enough, I do believe it’s possible. Maybe it’s enough to know how not to get there. Not through the EDL, that’s for sure.

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