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1 Buck  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 12:51:30pm

A great example of my Crazies be Crazy theory.

Not really Right or Left.

According to federal records, Stockham pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to federal charges stemming from the case in Vermont in 2004. That included threatening the president, mailing threatening communications, threatening by use of the telephone to use explosives, and threatening witnesses.

A psychiatric examination found that Stockham suffered from bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and personality disorder with anti-social features.

In the Vermont incident, he told authorities at the time of his arrest at a Veterans Affairs Department complex in Colchester that his minivan was full of explosives. A search found no explosives.

Before the arrest, Stockham called a local paper twice to say he was going to explode bombs in the neighborhood. In one call, he identified himself as “Hem Ahadin,” saying he was “a local Muslim terrorist on a roll.”

He ranted against the VA, the FBI and Bush, largely because of the things the president had said about Iraq in a speech earlier in the week.

According to affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, Stockham threatened to carry out “jihad,” or holy war, against the VA office in White River, Vt.

2 Randall Gross  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 1:02:45pm

re: #1 Buck

I’m not saying he’s left or right but where do you think he got the idea to bomb a mosque Buck?

3 SpaceJesus  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 1:55:00pm

which stalker is this?

4 Randall Gross  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 2:12:34pm

re: #3 SpaceJesus

I honestly don’t think he’s one of them, he’s been crazy since at least the 80’s when he tried to bomb a Reno airport. He’s claimed he’s Islamic on Jihad, as well as claimed that he’s Jesus. He’s a certifiable anti govt loon making a series of threats over the last three decades. That said, he didn’t just decide to attack the Dearborn mosque out of the blue, and it gained the most notoriety from a certain crowd of Islamophobe bloggers.

5 Prononymous, rogue demon hunter  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 2:36:34pm

Yet another reason to fully fund the VA. War messes people up, both physically and mentally, and many will need our support. It is the least we can do, considering what we ask of them.

6 SpaceJesus  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 3:23:28pm

re: #4 Thanos

as well as claimed that he’s Jesus.

what a nut

7 Buck  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 5:21:57pm

re: #2 Thanos

I’m not saying he’s left or right but where do you think he got the idea to bomb a mosque Buck?

I don’t know what you are saying, but many on the left were claiming this guy was a “right wing extremist”.

You ask about where he got his idea. What do you mean by that?

Did you read what I posted? Is where he got the idea to threaten the president (Bush) relevant as well? Is where he got the idea to explode bombs in the neighborhood relevant?

Get it?

8 Randall Gross  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 7:55:02pm

re: #7 Buck

No, I really don’t know why you have to jump in and do this kneejerk defense of the right when none is called for, personally I think you have OCD or something and you are more harmful to conservative causes in your reflex defenses than you are helpful.

9 Buck  Sat, Feb 5, 2011 10:02:26pm

re: #8 Thanos

No, I really don’t know why you have to jump in and do this kneejerk defense of the right when none is called for, personally I think you have OCD or something and you are more harmful to conservative causes in your reflex defenses than you are helpful.

Well thank you for that advice and diagnosis. Do you have any actual accreditation or are you just talking through your ass?

I don’t think I was jumping exactly. I was just talking about how this is another crazy guy. I was adding to the story by pointing out his long history. I wasn’t talking to you directly, BUT it was you who replied to my post, addressed me and was insinuating something when you asked (me) “where do you think he got the idea to bomb a mosque”?

I suppose now that you didn’t expect me to reply to your direct question.

10 Randall Gross  Sun, Feb 6, 2011 12:18:49am

re: #9 Buck

You are as predictable as a 1920’s clockwork.

11 Prononymous, rogue demon hunter  Sun, Feb 6, 2011 1:42:43am

re: #7 Buck

Get it?

Yes Buck, we do get it. Your knee-jerk reaction is to deflect even the possibility of shame by running with this new meme. The one that crazy people are just crazy and can’t be comprehended, influenced, or accounted for. However, it isn’t true.

As someone with a close family member that works in mental health, I would say crazy people can be comprehended. In many cases a delusion is internally consistent with itself, just not consistent with external reality. Delusion can be internally logically consistent and only break down when traced back to the first assumptions/perceptions. Fortunately a mental health professional trained in the appropriate skills can help a mentally ill individual work through delusions/fears/etc. While mental illness is a major source of violence, the good news is that mentally ill individuals are NOT more violent than the general population with appropriate medication and/or therapy.

Mentally ill people can be accounted for. In America up to 46% percent of the population will suffer from a mental disorder sometime in their life. Fortunately, most are brief episodes that will be recovered from or successfully managed. But with that proportion in mind, it would be wise to assume that not everyone listening to you is totally sane when you are choosing the words for your public speech, television monologue, demonstration signs, etc. It would also be wise to keep that number in mind when deciding support/funding for various mental health programs.

Mentally ill people can definitely be influenced by the words/actions of others. Mentally ill individuals can indeed dream up entirely new ideas out of thin air. But they don’t live in a vacuum. They can just as easily latch onto ideas that come from external sources. Loughner, for example, talked about Truther ideas, NWO, faked space missions, mind control through grammar, 2012, and was affected by the movie Zeitgeist. As we know, none of those ideas originated with him. It is possible Stockham dreamed up the mosque bombing himself. But if he didn’t, where do you think he got the idea from?

We get it, Buck, that you are just reflexively deflecting any possible blame from conservatives. But the fact is that when you start talking violence, hatred, revolution, etc there is a good chance that some individuals will take it seriously and might not have all their marbles. That’s why I think conservatives should tone down the violent/crazy rhetoric being spread around lately. I condemn it from liberals all the same. If some liberal rhetoric sparked Stockham’s threats against Bush, for example, I condemn it wholly. Why can’t you guys just man up and admit that violent rhetoric isn’t a good thing?

12 sonofsheldon  Sun, Feb 6, 2011 5:46:40am

Stockham didn’t reject his lawyer for being a Muslim. It was because the lawyer was a Shiite. From the same article,

But during the hearing, Stockham objected to the man appointed to represent him, Mark Haidar of Northville, claiming Haidar is a member of the Shiite sect of Muslims.

“I reject Mr. Haidar’s appointment as counsel. He is a Shiite,” Stockham said. “He is a patron of the mosque.”

The headline is misleading.

According to the Detroit Free Press,

In a surprising move Friday, the California man accused of planning an attack on the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn last month dismissed his court-appointed attorney.

“I am rejecting my appointed attorney,” Roger Stockham, 63, told Judge Mark Somers in Dearborn’s 19th District Court. “He is a Shi’ite,” a reference that coincides with the branch of Islam followed by the mosque.

The attorney, Mark Haidar of Northville, was out of town, and Detroit attorney Jeffrey Schwartz, who was standing in for Haidar, said he did not know there was an issue until Stockham made his comments.

Kassem Allie, executive administrator of the mosque, confirmed that Haidar has attended the mosque, but said it would be improper to call him a member. Haidar could not be reached for comment.

13 Buck  Sun, Feb 6, 2011 11:21:37am

re: #11 prononymous

But if he didn’t, where do you think he got the idea from?

What relevance is it? I mean this is what the movie “Bowling for Columbine” was all about. Were the killers in that case responding to Heavy metal music, specifically Marylin Manson? Or was it bowling?

Why can’t you guys just man up and admit that listening to Marylin Manson isn’t a good thing?

Where did someone who thinks he is a muslim get the idea to bomb a mosque? I don’t think that is at all relevant, BUT I will humor you.

In the past 10 years, of all the news stories about violent actions on Mosques…Who performed the majority of that violence on mosques?

I really hope you will not be surprised that a great majority was Muslim on Muslim violence.

December 15, a suicide attack near a mosque in Southeastern Iran took the lives of at least 39 and wounded 93 people in a mourning ceremony…

Another deadly suicide bombing killed at least 72 and injured more than 100 at the Wali Muhammad Mosque in Dara Adamkhel, 35km south of Peshawar…

Taliban killed 1165 worshippers in past 10 years

“The target was the police station and the mosque is nearby. Police and paramilitary personnel were praying inside the mosque,” when the bombing took place, …

In early October, Kunduz Governor Mohammad Omar was killed when a bomb exploded near him at the Shirkat mosque in neighboring Takhar province. …

14 Prononymous, rogue demon hunter  Sun, Feb 6, 2011 2:47:56pm

And christians have been the leading cause of christian murders. With no introspection whatsoever on your part, I don’t see why I bothered.

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