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1 Bob Levin  Wed, Feb 9, 2011 5:47:41pm

Oh shit. Wait a second.....okay, it should go on now. I keep forgetting to turn that media control kit off.

2 Bill Nye: People Magazine 'Sexiest Man Alive'  Wed, Feb 9, 2011 8:31:37pm
MacDonald, of course, is the White weenie whose pseudo-academic writings claiming Jews systematically undermine Western civilization as a method of survival has won him praise in neo-Nazi circles and nowhere else.

Anyone who has heard MacDonald speak knows he's a bore with as much personality as a terra-cotta planter, and it's no surprise the segment never aired. But MacDonald, ever the conspiracy theorist, told his VDare audience he suspected more nefarious agents at work: the Jews!

"But the suspicion must be that," MacDonald whined, "the senior media honchos do not want discussions of race, White identity and interests, or Jewish influence in a way that gets outside the box of Political Correctness."

This idiot is a Professor of Psychology, not world history. Or else he would know the Jews are responsible, in many ways, for making his precious western civilization a better place to be. Actually idiots like him ignore and deny facts, so it doesn't matter.

3 Sinistershade  Wed, Feb 9, 2011 10:06:16pm

I prefer this Kevin McDonald:

4 Prononymous, rogue demon hunter  Thu, Feb 10, 2011 2:42:45am

Good. To whomever decided not to use his interview, thank you.

Deny these guys what they want most, an audience. As a bonus, tears of bigots are like sweet, sweet manna.

5 Jimmah  Thu, Feb 10, 2011 3:50:01am

From Kevin MacDonald's wiki page:

He proposes that Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources. Using the term Jewish ethnocentrism, he argues that Judaism fosters in Jews a series of marked genetic traits, including above-average verbal intelligence and a strong tendency toward collectivist behavior, as manifested in a series of influential intellectual movements

iceweasel comments:

Looks like they have gone from "The Jews are inferior! Let's kill them!" to "The Jews are superior! Let's kill them!"

6 Mad Prophet Ludwig  Thu, Feb 10, 2011 9:30:52am

re: #5 Jimmah

From Kevin MacDonald's wiki page:

iceweasel comments:

Looks like they have gone from "The Jews are inferior! Let's kill them!" to "The Jews are superior! Let's kill them!"

The Jews and the Greeks *are* the foundations of Western civilization, or at least 90% of what is civilized about it. He forgot that Jews are on average, better at mathematics, physics, medicine and music as well. And if we are only outnumbered 5 to one instead of 20 to one, we will kick your asses militarily too.

7 Bob Levin  Thu, Feb 10, 2011 1:01:15pm

re: #5 Jimmah

We are historically a very flexible scapegoat. No changes, it's a historical constant. At the same time, we can be smart enough to take food out of the mouths of native [insert country here], we can be poor enough (when many of us lived in the Pale of Settlement, crushing poverty) to be a drain on the host country's (we are never part of where we live) resources. We have been vilified as all-powerful bankers (we--as in Mr. Rothschild, Soros, both of whom, like Santa Claus, visit our homes every Shabbos to redistribute the wealth--are notorious evil capitalists) and in the same breath be radical communists (Marx, just about every labor organizer) trying to subvert society from the bottom.

We can control nature, the animal kingdom, create disease (blamed for the Black Death). We are blamed for failing to assimilate (there were laws that forbid us from assimilating) and assimilating so much that we are pushing out the natives (see original post). Usually the laws have taken many forms. Every European country had them, keeping us from owning land, farming, joining the military. We were kept out of guilds, and we are always criminals (perpetrators of deicide, sacrament desecration, and horrible murders as part of our religious rituals, now we deprive millions of their rights).

These laws are relaxed when our skills are needed--we've always taught our children to be able to read and write. This was in demand, desperate demand, at certain points of European history.

Nevertheless, historically, what would be considered personal possessions were never fully ours, being subject to arbitrary seizures by the state or by locals. There is a provision in the Magna Carta that money owed to Jews does not have to be repaid. There are always two sets of laws, one for those surrounding us, and another for us.

This is playing out again in the Middle East. It is playing rather successfully. Cats is a box office failure compared to this. Watch for the double standards--they are not benign because all of our 'crimes' are punishable by death, with a crowd cheering on the executioners. So ask yourself, if you did the same thing, would you be committing a crime? The answer for most people is no, no crime. The answer for us is that this is a capital crime. Like building a house.

History is just as flexible, because it is created out of thin air to justify and create a foundation for our 'crimes'. That's why history is precious.

And you're right, we are both superhuman and inferior, mostly not human--causing all of the problems in the world yet being likened to dogs and pigs.

This is why the first question to a potential convert is--what are you, nuts?

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