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1 ripuree  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 4:54:24pm

Sane white people! oh sane white people! A few of the unconscionable amongst you, are at it again. Previous tactics have not garnered majority consensus against the first Black President. Who'll be wrong regardless of the issue. Since his color don't fit the “White” House -they conclude.

Those few have now come up with more inflammatory rhetoric. Claiming that your color is being attacked. And what else could demand such urgency from the majority? When it was the need to elevate whiteness that equated slavery with skin color. Not class as it had been for millenniums before. And thus; the default race programming for humanity was changed to “white always superior and right vs. black inferior and bad” (since slavery created the wealth of these New World).

So white people; white people, as humanity's children, you may be addicted to wars; more than those who're older, therefore less energized. Those who've passed that stage, therefore will loose to you.

You strongly display the good and bad qualities of evolutionary infants. Like insatiable greed, speed in learning new information, constantly inquisitive minds. Boundless energy, and great outward beauty. That like the beauty of a flower, is short lived.

Children must rightly be selfish. Unless childhood traumas interrupt their formative years. So please don't feel offended by my stating your dominant greedy and selfish nature. Its a natural process; which, with awareness that this is your turn to be stewards of the trial and errors of many before you. With mindfulness that its your turn, to elevate the human consciousness. And with the right kind of humility to respect the role models amongst you; the proper jump in evolution you can lead. Otherwise; with continued insatiable greed and ignorant arrogance. You'll lead us all to the eternal hell, your leaders preach.

Of course I'm a couple of millenniums late in opining this notion. Since you've been defiling the world since Alexander your Great and before. You mucked up the old world then turned your sights to what you claim is new. And like a new person in the tropics who want to experience all that is unfamiliar.

You've shot down a few coconut trees to get milk and water from its nut. Unaware that that trees specifically evolved to combat hurricane breeze. In other words, your childish exuberance have unfolded a lot of Green House problems that now threaten our existence. Of which the people you deemed uncivilized were well aware. So now it seems, that what to you was their un-refinement. Was in-fact; awareness to preserve the delicate balance they understood.

Of all of the world's people, you're most vulnerable to being misled by your callous members who lead. Who'll easily activate you to endorse mass evil on innocent others. And unlike others who most often execute great evil to relieve their great suffering. You comply to boost your ego. And to enable the greedy elite amongst you; to get more of what you have in abundance, but still insatiably crave.

This was demonstrated in attempts to exterminate Native Americans. When the presence of more than enough land was clear. Then the the endless trips to extract Negroes from Africa to labor for nothing. While the majority of you acted as if negating the right for others to own their own lives, was a normal thing in your eyes. An evil which your leaders have now implanted, worldwide . (That is; evil for the sake of pure evil and greed).

Before your intrusion and indoctrination, Negro Africans' wars made sense. Now the Hutu vs.Tutsi in the past. Muslim Sudanese and Christian Sudanese. Those in the Congo, in Nigeria and all over Africa. Your arrogance and greed now subliminally compel Negroes to pick up from where you left off, and kill themselves at your silent distant command. And if that wasn't enough; your Religion Nuts now have Christian Negroes trying to exterminate the homosexuals amongst them. Which
your media then portray as "The African Way".

2 ripuree  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 5:22:46pm

So, sane white people! this is a new chance to correct your evolutionary turn to shine. You have fought hard to amass disproportionate amounts of Military armament. You've planted yourselves in every territory worldwide. (Where your influence is often covert, but still there.

Still you have too much pent-up youthful energy. Since your greatest toil you get others to do, while despising them at the same time. Thus, your leaders knowing that you must exhaust such energy. Will hoodwink you (the majority) to harass your counterparts of other color. Whom they want you to hate. So that the massive strength that you and they could harness for collective benefit. Your elite members will again and again con you to release.

Again; I venture to say, that you're more prone to ignoring your vulnerable gullibility. Because white supremacy subliminally inform you; that your intellect is best. Thus you'll forever sing loudest; that blacks uniquely sold blacks into slavery -for example. While failing to see, that the disdain of your own elite, towards the majority of you, has always been worst.

They've always premeditated to have you enforce their ungodly endeavors. While obscenity filling their pockets with dough. The majority of you getting only fleeting feelings of superiority. Which some like the KKK, needed frequent episodes of violence on others; to replenish what they couldn't genuinely feel inside.

You failed to see that Africans who colluded to profit from slavery. Had superior guns, greed and evil pointed their way. While your leaders who used you to enforce it. Were doing it without threats from anything or anyone else. Thus, while 100% of whites benefited from slavery with a fleeting boost in ego. Your minority elite deprived you of real wealth. Just as they did to those they enslaved.

As parents of all humans, the most Negroid of humans are apt to allow everyone else to take control. Most Negroes are happy to remain in the background enabling others -like all good parents. While recipients of that love, generally view it as being inferior and weak. And instead of appreciating that everyone has a different role to play in the collective human evolution. Like ungrateful predators with infantile ideas, Negroes are forever subjected to punishment from you -their kids.

Consequently, again I repeat. In every Negro skirmish now engulfing Africa, and in recent History. A white instigating country (bent on Negro destabilization) is covertly pulling strings from afar. And always enabling that outcome, is the reality. That; like all good parents, who once thought they would never go against their siblings. Once their own children are involved, sibling loyalty takes second place. (Negroes must loose the subconscious knowledge as humanity's parents, to stop allowing humanity's children from being so ungrateful to everything Negroes provide).

Until then, all over the world, Negro/Blacks will side
with every Caucasian group of Color as well as white Caucasians. To keep others Negroes chronically oppressed. Then when the oppressed portion can take it no longer, they attack themselves. (Not the colluding and instigating outsiders afar and in their midst).

The longest running outside player in this Negro self desecration and destruction are Arabs. Who have been invading and occupying Negro lands, then subjecting Negroes to enslavement for nearly 2000 years and still. While Asians and Europeans have been entrenching themselves long enough. To claim that ancient Egyptians are Euro Asians. Leaving Negro position questionable at most.

3 ripuree  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 5:27:38pm

In the wild, when survival of the herd is threatened. Adult animals will save themselves instead of their young. Even by resorting to eating the young. Thereby maintaining reproductive integrity of those with later ability to replenish the herd. Humans on the other hand preserve the youngest. Which in whites is displayed in ignoring the wisdom and usefulness of the aged. While Negroes display it, by accepting all things white over our own. Yet what great collective wisdom have to be contained within Negroes. For us to still be alive today. In-spite of assault from every angle, from every people as well as ourselves.

So sane white people. Listen up, I implore you. Don't be led astray by the elite in your foal this way again. You know that no one is threatening you, and no one can go up against your endless supply of Weapons For The Mass Destruction of Others. So let your elite go out and do their ungodly fights for themselves this time.

Because; although the Era is different; its your same type of elite, whom during slavery, knew that the majority of you could be counted on to defend and maintain slavery. Even though in doing so, potential to achieve the American Dream was pitted against the endless free labor of slavery. From which they gained obscenely. While (aside from the actual slaves) the majority of poor whites suffered the greatest toll.

4 WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 5:29:19pm


5 laZardo  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 5:55:22pm

re: #4 WindUpBird



6 Charles Johnson  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 7:05:00pm


7 Jack Burton  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 7:23:31pm
8 Idle Drifter  Wed, Aug 24, 2011 8:08:01pm

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