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1 What's in the box, Jokey?!  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 4:17:24am

Now we see what Netanyahu really meant when he spoke of finally agreeing to a “two-state solution” - one for the religious nutjobs, and the other for everyone else…

/sarc (kinda… sorta…)

2 aagcobb  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 5:13:58am

Israel needs to stop subsidizing these ultra-orthodox fanatics, which allows these men to do absolutely nothing except study Torah, and, of course, harass everyone else.

3 BishopX  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 5:50:59am

Maybe he should build a wall…/

4 Romantic Heretic  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 6:19:24am

A solution worthy of Solomon. /

5 Dark_Falcon  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 7:37:12am

re: #2 aagcobb

Israel needs to stop subsidizing these ultra-orthodox fanatics, which allows these men to do absolutely nothing except study Torah, and, of course, harass everyone else.

The problem is that these men really are what economic conservatives have long warned against: People who have discovered they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. The rest of the Israeli public needs to organize a Grover Norquist-type pledge, with said pledge having leaders of other Israeli parties promise not to allow the religious parties who back these subsidies into any governing coalition. These fanatics need to be stripped of their influence, and Netanyahu needs to remember his economic principles and oppose those loons.

6 Glenn Beck's Grand Unifying Theory of Obdicut  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 11:57:20am

re: #5 Dark_Falcon

Shame on you for invoking the asshole Norquist. He didn’t invent pledges, and his pledge is massively destructive to the US. You can say ‘pledge’ without bringing up that idiot.

7 Bob Levin  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 2:43:15pm

re: #1 Archangelus

Not really. Here’s a more realistic version of what’s going on.

Some excerpts:

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and senior State Prosecution officials will meet Thursday to devise legal ways to combat radical religious elements’ demand to exclude women from the public sphere in Israel.

The meeting was called at the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The panel will explore the possibility of applying various legal and punitive measures to fight the phenomenon, which has escalated to the point where women and girls have been verbally attacked and even spat on.


The Attorney General’s Office said that the issue of women’s exclusion is extremely grave and that it must be dealt with to the full extent of the law in order to nip the phenomenon in the bud.

Netanyahu addressed the issue in a Knesset plenum meeting held Wednesday: “We will stop the extremists and we will pursue this issue to the full extent of the law. We will not tolerate anyone spitting on women in the street simply because they don’t agree with the way they are dressed,” he said.

Finally, and this is indeed a sticky issue:

Still, the prime minister warned against projecting the phenomenon on the ultra-Orthodox community as a whole: “We have to be careful and not generalize here. Any attempt to link an entire sector to the acts of an extreme, lawless fringe group, is utterly irresponsible.”

8 What, me worry?  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 6:39:30pm

Dividing the city is INSANE. How is that going to stop them? How long will it take before they cross the line of bullying and really hurt someone?

I don’t know how Archangelus feels about it, but I don’t think the answer is to stop “subsidizing the Orthodox”. The Orthodox are NOT the problem. These crazy fanatics are not the norm nor the majority. And we need those people to keep the religion when people like me aren’t so good at it. Least, that’s my personal feeling.

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