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1 dragonfire1981  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 8:45:45am

A conservative newspaper in Canada, publishing a story on a book written by a Muslim.

See, this is why I love my country.

That kind of crap would send wingnuts over a cliff if it happened here in the U.S. Can you imagine if the National Review ran a piece on this guy?

2 Lord Baron Viscount Duke Earl Count Planckton  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 8:47:10am

re: #1 dragonfire1981

Yeah, wingnuts would make jokes about his dead daughters, would probably demand pics. They're Palestinians after all.

3 Bob Levin  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 2:29:03pm

I read the entire article, and unfortunately, it is not simply about the story of this man and his family. I would need more information to be sure that it is a story of transcendence.

First, let's critique the article, that is, the words of the author of the essay--not the doctor.

It is of course quite impossible to write anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without being accused of bias by someone, and the Gaza war is no exception. But here are what I believe to be agreed facts.

Some of the facts listed are agreed upon, other items are partial and slanted. Unfortunately, the partial facts, the distortions, are the foundation the author uses on which to build the rest of the article.

During the three-week operation, 1,200 to 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. Of the 13, three were civilians and ten soldiers. Of the Palestinians, about 700 were civilians, 250 of them younger than 16. All fighting occurred on Gaza soil.

This is pretty classic bias. Not mentioned, is that the style of Hamas fighting puts them squarely in midst of civilians. If Hamas fighters moved to open fields, then there would be virtually no civilian casualties. Hamas fires rockets from school buildings, hospitals, homes of the population. These civilians are called 'human shields', and they are fodder for Hamas. I would venture to say that the Israelis hold more value on their lives than Hamas--who hold all of the qualities of the worst dictatorships and tyrants.

Another 'undisputed fact'--

Tens of thousands were left homeless. Many observers, including Israeli human rights groups and a UN commission, found the Israelis guilty of using seriously disproportionate force.

I believe the term 'disproportionate force' was invented specifically for this conflict. Before this conflict the idea of warfare was to use disproportionate force and better strategy than the opponent. This is the fastest way for the conflict to end. 'Disproportionate force' is a rather fancy way of criminalizing Israel's action of fighting back. Again, if Hamas took over Gaza and began building a democratic society rather than an extended launching pad for rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, none of this would have happened. None.

There is no need to examine the article any further. The sociology of the interaction between Hamas and Israel was determined by Hamas, and before any peace can come to the region, the tyrannies will have to go. In the meantime, there will be a daily occurrence of the most tragic individual stories, some stories of accidents, bureaucratic mistakes, and because of the tyranny, stories of people used by Hamas for political purposes. The sad thing, each type of story is indistinguishable from the rest.

4 What, me worry?  Wed, Dec 28, 2011 6:24:29pm

re: #3 Bob Levin

Bravo, Bob!

The article starts, "Exactly three years ago, Israel attacked the Gaza Strip." As if this was the beginning of an otherwise fairy tale-like, peaceful existence between the peoples. Mmmm kay.

We can go back much further, but let's start 6 years ago when Israel pulled out of
Gaza in 2005, unilaterally handing them a country and their response instead was to lob missiles into Israel instead of building an infrastructure and saving their people. And he blames Israel for defending itself.

You can't expect anyone already upset by what's happening to put away their anger with such purposeful, dishonest manipulations - taught that way - to be sure the hatred of Jews and Americans burns in the heart of every Arab. Michael Totten wrote a piece last Sept "Egypt’s Botched Revolution". It's rather long, but around the middle, he talks about visiting a museum there.

"What’s that?” I said as I gestured toward old air force jets propped up on stands and pointing to the skies.

It’s a museum celebrating our victory against Israel in 1973,” he said as if he actually believed Egypt won rather than lost. Hassan Nasrallah’s empty boast of a “divine victory” against Israel in Hezbollah’s’ 2006 war is part of a preposterous tradition that goes back a long time. I promised myself I’d visit the museum on my next trip to the country.

Inside the main entrance are a series of murals in the ancient style showing Semitic slaves being captured and tormented by the Pharaonic regime alongside modern Israeli soldiers being trampled on and humiliated by 20th century Egyptians.
The elite in the government and the army know they lost the war in 1973. How could they not? They’re lying to puff themselves up. And they’ve never stopped broadcasting the message that Israel and the United States are their enemies. Right now the army is blaming all the problems in the country on foreign (i.e., Israeli and American) saboteurs and subversives, and just a few days ago tightened entry requirements on Western visitors, even tourists. This is not the way a peaceable ally behaves, but aside from the new visa requirements, it’s nothing new, really. Mubarak’s government did the same thing.

We can point to countless other bogus claims. The "massacre in Jenin" pops into my mind.

As to the above article, they can blame Israel for defending itself all day long, but we won't stop doing it. We promised ourselves NEVER AGAIN and we mean to keep that promise.

Where does that leave the otherwise REAL peace-loving, democracy practicing, rule of law acting, peoples? Fucking nowhere.

5 stiefel512  Thu, Dec 29, 2011 12:50:29pm

Even this article, posted under the guise of promoting peace, shows a remarkable amount of bias. The article just removed virtually all culpability from the Palestinians, placed all the blame on the Israelis, and then put themselves out there as saints. This is even more dishonest than most of the other articles out there.

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