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1 Bob Dillon  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 11:34:33am

We have about 60 days max to get our personal finances out of harms way. If you have a 401k/IRA/SEP/403b might be a good idea, if you haven't already done so, to move it out of stocks, Mutual Funds, etc., into a guaranteed fixed return parking place until the smoke clears.

2 researchok  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 2:02:34pm

re: #1 Bob Dillon

The implications of your comment are staggering.

Your talking about a global meltdown and all that might mean- from wars over food commodities to fuel to water.

Factor in climate change and you've added a whole new level of fear.

And that is a the macro level. How cultures, societies and militaries might react is a whole other layer.

3 Bob Dillon  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 6:59:07pm

re: #2 researchok

It's a bit premature for the Full SHTF Monty IMNSHO (I give us till 2013/2014 for that) - smart money has been moving out of the markets for quite a while now as knowledgeable advisors and investors realized that the QE $ pumped into Wall Street was all that was buoying the market up. Hell, when one stock can take the whole DJIA up all by itself as IBM and Apple did on separate occasions - something is very wrong. There is no volume to support the upward movements.

David Walker (held the office of the only man in Washington required by law to tell the truth) ... Listen to him. This is from 4 years ago - prior to Obamacare.


When the MSM starts talking about the same financial disasters that I and like minded associates have for a good number of prior years, it might be good to take it as a really timely heads-up.

We are out of road and the can is too heavy to kick any further anyway.

As Bucky Fuller pointed out long ago - politics is not the answer - technology is.

4 researchok  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 7:39:09pm

re: #3 Bob Dillon

That was very disconcerting.

It begs a few questions: Where do you put your assets? How do you protect yourself? Is the scenario you are proposing avoidable or have we passed the fail safe mark?

5 Bob Dillon  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 8:52:35pm

re: #4 researchok

Where do you put your assets?

Depends on your age, what you have and what you are wanting to accomplish.

I always start with 4 basic criteria that achieve a mathematically correct solution to what the client wants.

1. Never lose money.
2. Never run out of money no matter how long you live.
3. Increase your income if you need or want to.
4 Significantly reduce your taxes.

If someone wants to stay in the market then they are not ready for what I do and I wish them well. Some people think this criteria is impossible. They are ignorant. But you first must have something to work with.

How do you protect yourself?

Move into fixed, guaranteed products and/or non-correlated asset classes that together meet or exceed the 4 criteria and fulfill your desired outcome. Do not listen to brokers or main stream financial planners.

Is the scenario you are proposing avoidable or have we passed the fail safe mark?

I wrote some time back about all of us in a boat on a river. The current has us and there is no going back. Falls are ahead. We are all going over. We are all going to get wet. The choice is about how hard you are willing to land at the bottom.

Globally and nationally we are screwed. Individually we have a chance - to build a personal financial parachute and deploy it when the boat finally takes the inevitable plunge.

And you don't need 2 million to retire as some financial genius pointed out some weeks back in another post - I think it was one you posted.

Here's the deal. There will be a golf tournament tomorrow. All the top pros are in it and so are you. Your favorite pro is there. You now have a choice. You may play with his clubs or you may have his "swing" and play with your crappy clubs. Which do you choose? Duh?

I am a swing coach first. When you understand what David Walker is talking about (mathematical reality) - starting with Demographics and its impact financially on all of us, then calculating where you are and where you want to be ... then and only then its time to start selecting the most appropriate clubs to get your unique job done. All the rest is political BS and market smoke and mirrors that create million dollar bonuses for those who have all the sucker investors in their pockets.

6 Bob Dillon  Sun, Jul 29, 2012 9:04:07pm

More grist for the mill: (dots to connect)


A federal bankruptcy judge on Friday cleared the way for Stockton, California to cut health care benefits for retirees while it is in bankruptcy proceedings.


Flood of City Bankruptcies Coming

This is a good start for what needs to happen. The next step needs to be huge clawbacks on promised benefits, preferably top down, so that those with the highest pension benefits bear the brunt of the hit.

As soon as cities realize this is the way out, a flood of bankruptcies will be on the way.

7 Bob Dillon  Mon, Jul 30, 2012 3:59:05pm

Demographics in the U.S.

Over the next 5-10 years: This has already started, is well underway and will continue to increase.

~Less taxpaying workers
~More retirees; more on government programs; more living longer
~More money flowing out of 401K programs (retirees) than money going in
~Increase in government social programs
~Increasing government debt (not deficit)
~Seniors selling off stock for more conservative (less risk) returns
~More seniors downsizing their homes (condos)
~Effects of record amounts of personal debt (Affects everyone)
~Increased taxation -decreasing benefits
~Uncertainty (market risks, future taxation, terror)

Every aspect of our financial life will face demographic consequences.

"We are heading to a future where we'll have to double federal taxes or cut federal spending by 60%."

-Former Comptroller General: David Walker

8 Bob Dillon  Mon, Jul 30, 2012 8:39:59pm

re: #4 researchok

"It begs a few questions: Where do you put your assets?"

So taking the golf analogy further ... it would be wise to know how our ball lies before we select a club. Rough? Sandtrap? Fairway? On the green - 60 footer or a gimme? And knowing how the demographics are going to require you to maybe modify your swing (+how's the weather?) to get to where you want to go. Make sense? Financial planners over the last couple of decades have been using old cookie cutters that no longer work in less robust and increasingly volatile markets (everyone's a financial genius in a raging bull market). If they did still work no one using them would be loosing money.

Nick is blue if you have private questions.

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