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1 lostlakehiker  Thu, Sep 27, 2012 10:59:11pm
Do they actually think Obama should order air strikes or some other kind of attack, or unquestioningly support Israel if it attacks unilaterally? If so, they need to be very specific about the many enormous consequences of such an action, and how they would deal with the aftermath. The entire region would be thrown into a level of turmoil that would make the past decade of war in Iraq seem like child’s play by comparison.

No kidding. And this almost understates matters. War, if it comes, can hardly settle out with nothing more than superficial damage to Iran's nuclear weapons program. The decision to fight carries with it the decision to gain the objective of the fighting, which would be to wreck Iran's nuclear weapons program beyond hope of reconstitution. If anybody sees how to do that without a bitter ground war, he sees further than most.

There is no way to plan for coping with the aftermath, because there is no way to know how bad that aftermath will be.

One possibility is that Obama's recent statement that the U.S. will do whatever it takes to stop Iran getting nukes will turn out to have been a bluff, and a called bluff. (And Israel's threats, likewise bluffs.) That doesn't have any inevitable drastically bad consequences, but it's dangerous in its own way. What if we get in a missile crisis again with some more than marginal nuclear power? We'd need to be able to communicate clearly to them what our red lines were. And, unfortunately, they'd have a precedent for dismissing even the direst of warnings as yet another bluff.

The other possibility is that Israel isn't bluffing. If they attack, the attack will probably fall far short of wrecking Iran's weapons program, and the resulting war will drag the U.S. in, if only because Iran will attack our friends and our bases.

Bad stuff coming.

2 Bob Levin  Thu, Sep 27, 2012 11:22:12pm

The press won't look behind the curtain. The press doesn't have any idea how deeply the Iranian program is corrupted, both technologically and quite possibly in normal, comprehensible ways of corruption. There are computer viruses, power outages, mysterious explosions--all reported, all ignored in favor of this D-Day Iran scenario.

Although Israel and the US are allies, close allies--they are close enough that good national politics dictates leaders push each other away. There are Americans who feel that Israel is pulling US puppet strings, and there are Israelis who think the US pulls Israeli puppet strings. All of this means nothing. Israelis want US tourists. The US wants Israeli innovation. Israel wants the ability to purchase US military tech. The US wants to purchase Israeli military tech, as each nation is geared to a different type of war. There agricultural and cultural needs each nations shares and solves.

The list goes on.

And the list is not relevant to political theater. However, political reporters write about political theater as if it all has meaning. They get paid to say that it has meaning. If these columnists admit the truth, their newspapers only need one theater critic, and more than likely, it won't be them.

3 ckkatz  Fri, Sep 28, 2012 12:04:15am

Zhou En Lai was reportedly (in the 1970's) asked what he thought was the historic impact of the French Revolution. After considering the question for a moment he is reputed to have replied: "It's too soon to tell".

Nobody is going to know whether the current United States actions worked until after it is all over. If then.

I do agree that Netanyahu appears to have come out on the short end of the public relations battle in these United States. Which has provided the Obama administration more room to maneuver. That is not a bad thing when one is contemplating a war.

4 researchok  Fri, Sep 28, 2012 12:54:01am

I have to disagree with Robberson's premise.

Netanyahu had a golden opportunity to bash Obama but refused.

As noted here on LGF, Video: PM Netanyahu on Meet the Press Netanyahu refused to be goaded into even an obtuse criticism of Obama.

I actually believe while there may be differences between the two leaders, they are not as wide or disruptive as suggested. We are witnessing political theater here designed to keep the Iranians off balance.

Not a bad thing.

By all accounts Israeli leaders of all stripes have gone out of there way to reiterate the close Israeli-American relationship and Obama has certainly staked out his position in no uncertain terms as an unshakable friend of Israel.

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