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1 Romantic Heretic  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 6:21:39am

I quite like Susan Sontag's observation that war occurs because it is one of the few activities where a moral, not a financial, calculus is used. Although as the Bush 43 administration showed, that can be abused as well.

I don't find it surprising that people believe capitalism s infecting everything. We've raised capitalism (actually commerce but we call it capitalism) from a practical matter to a religious one. Capitalism is a God; omniscient and omnipotent, although not at all merciful. It's not surprising it would be blamed for so many problems, rightly or wrongly.

2 Dark_Falcon  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 8:08:12am

The anti-capitalism of that article is blatant. It's a piece of pathetic far-left trash. There isn't an answer to the kind of conspiracism it speaks about, and it also occurs if the production and distribution of vaccine is solely governmental. It is far more about public fear and mistrust of large, relatively anonymous entities than about economics.

3 FemNaziBitch  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 9:48:54am

I think it is correct to observe we have confused an economic system with the myriad of other "systems" necessary to maintain society.

4 ThomasLite  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 10:50:34am

re: #2 Dark_Falcon

It is far more about public fear and mistrust of large, relatively anonymous entities than about economics.

Actually, those qualifiers don't make the slightest difference in the end. People are just wired to mistrust and in a certain percentage of the population that will always lead to such paranoia.
Are there anti-vaxxers who might not be quite as paranoid of smaller-scaled, more identifiable organizations/plans? Sure. But don't forget that as soon as something gets that 'face' put to it, that will trigger other kinds of mistrust in others.
There's always going to be some folks who honestly mistrust 'something', anything, because we're just wired like that (or maybe it's cultural, let's please not get into that *again* )

5 Dark_Falcon  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 11:25:58am

re: #3 Holidays are Family Fun Time

I think it is correct to observe we have confused an economic system with the myriad of other "systems" necessary to maintain society.

Be that as it may, this piece is very poor. Bliss talks about how "The understanding that capital can itself be toxic leads, almost inevitably, to a fear of capitalism polluting every endeavor.", but she has not made the case for that simply by an very incomplete description of the house crisis. The WHO example she cites does not bolster her case, and her talk about language and 'Declaring a metaphorical war on a disease' ignores history and the nature of government. An epidemic of dangerous disease is sometimes linked to war, but this is due less to matters of ethics expression and more to its practical effects:

1. Given the dangers of public panic and the real possible need for quarantine, a major epidemic might well require the domestic deployment of the military to maintain order, which is not something the US or Canadian governments do normally, and in fact are barred from doing except in extraordinary circumstances.

2. Expanding further on #1, an epidemic is case where it is generally accepted that a government has additional powers available it normally may not exercise. Thus a government might demand that firm cease producting cosmetics or non-vital medical equipment and order it to produce medicines or medical supplies that are needed right away. Government can also restrict travel and order rationing, both of which are actions only doable otherwise in case of natural disaster or war.

Thus Sontag's argument does not make Bliss' case, as alternative explanations exist that Sontag does not deal with in the passage. Thus, as she has laid out nothing conclusive, Bliss does not have grounds to conclude as she does. Her article is a sloppy hatchet job.

And please don't post sources Bliss doesn't use then try to say her case is strong, because I am dealing with her case as she wrote it, and by that measure her case is very weak.

6 gwangung  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 4:08:29pm

re: #5 Dark_Falcon

I think there is confusion on what IS and what it is SEEN to be. Perceptions, correct or not, can affect behavior, and I do not find it unbelievable at all that large portions of the population see corporate implementation of capital to be inherently toxic.

7 Dark_Falcon  Fri, Dec 28, 2012 6:17:41pm

re: #6 gwangung

I think there is confusion on what IS and what it is SEEN to be. Perceptions, correct or not, can affect behavior, and I do not find it unbelievable at all that large portions of the population see corporate implementation of capital to be inherently toxic.

I don't think that is the case. I don't think people hate corporations, but I do think they hate chiselers and those who are seem as crooks who got away with it, and the last few years have seem too much of both of those.

Want to boost faith in capitalism? End "too big to fail".

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In every language, the first word after "Mama!" that every kid learns to say is "Mine!" A system that doesn't allow ownership, that doesn't allow you to say "Mine!" when you grow up, has -- to put it mildly -- a fatal design flaw. From the time Mr. Developing Nation was forced to read "The Little Red Book" in exchange for a blob of rice, till the time he figured out that waiting in line for a loaf of pumpernickel was boring as f*ck, took about three generations. ... Decades of indoctrination, manipulation, censorship and KGB excursions haven't altered this fact: People want a piece of their own little Something-or-Other, and, if they don't get it, have a tendency to initiate counterrevolution.