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1 EiMitch  Sat, Mar 23, 2013 5:34:24pm

If the deer have overpopulated the area, then not thinning their numbers is a safety hazard. Deer related auto accidents can and often do kill people.

So on what ground do people oppose this? From the article:

But several animal-rights activists have filed suit, alleging the controlled hunt runs counter to federal law governing the establishment of the park.

A legal technicality. Point taken. What else?

“We are pleased the National Park Service will not be killing deer in Rock Creek Park in a few weeks as originally planned, and hope that the agency will rethink its decision to kill any of this native wildlife and instead use less drastic measures to control any perceived overpopulation problem,” said Katerine Meyer, an attorney for the plaintiffs, including In Defense of Animals.

“Perceived” problem? As in, they don’t think its really a problem? Seriously?

What about the “less drastic measures”? Maybe that angle will be more persuasive.

Over the years, animal-rights activists have suggested a range of solutions for thinning the herd, ranging from trapping and relocating to reintroducing more predators into the park.

Trapping deer? Ha! Good luck with that.

And what the hell is this crap about reintroducing predators? I thought we were talking about less drastic measures? Predators capable of taking down deer are potentially dangerous to people. Bringing enough of them in to thin the deer population means overpopulating the area with the predators instead. Gee, that sounds much better. /sarc

BTW, doesn’t bringing in other animals specifically to kill the deer defeat the purpose of not killing the deer? Or is it okay to use wild animals to kill other wild animals, so long as we don’t spill blood with our own hands? They’re mouth-breathing hypocrites.

And this has been discussed for years? This is the best they can come up with?

Such self-righteous, double-talking clown-shoes make much it easier for the right to dismiss any legitimate concerns about animal welfare and cruelty.

Animal-rights activists said they believe the order in effect delays any baiting and hunting of deer for at least a year because of the spring birthing season as well as the busy summer season.

Am I reading too much into this, or are they just opposing this now for the sake of opposing it? Pompous f***ing morons!

2 chadu  Sat, Mar 23, 2013 6:47:25pm

re: #1 EiMitch

It’s stupid. These people have never seen starving deer.

Shoot them, and give the meat to a homeless shelter.

3 Dark_Falcon  Sat, Mar 23, 2013 7:30:55pm

re: #2 chadu

It’s stupid. These people have never seen starving deer.

Shoot them, and give the meat to a homeless shelter.

I concur. If incentive is needed, allow hunters sent to cull the deer to keep some of the meat and the head and antlers of any bucks they wish for trophy purposes.

As for those whose problem simply is that the deer will be killed, I’d explain to them that death by gunfire, nasty though it is, ultimately involves orders of magnitude less pain and suffering than death by starvation. The deer to be culled are going to die; The only questions are how and when they shall die. I’d prefer they suffer less and that their deaths contribute more.

4 Flounder  Sun, Mar 24, 2013 6:02:59am

This is actually a pretty tough situation. I had no idea where this was so:

Using the lottery system for bowhunters would work. People would pay big money ($200-300)for the ability to hunt bucks or does for the meat. The money raised could go to food pantries or homeless shelters. Paying sharpshooters seems kinda dumb.

Great post Chadu, thanks!

5 kerFuFFler  Sun, Mar 24, 2013 7:22:08am

re: #1 EiMitch

“So on what ground do people oppose this?”

I am going with, “Four legs good, two legs baaa-aa-aad!”

This, from having listened to these PETA buffoons injecting themselves into the local discussions (most do not even live in our “hooved-rat” infested neighborhood.) We have had many car accidents and a serious uptick in lyme disease. Furthermore, as the deer accustom themselves to being around people, they become less skittish and more aggressive. I saw and heard one challenge my son as he was climbing out of the car——-my son dove back in quickly and was fine, but other neighbors have been less fortunate when their dogs have had run-ins with the deer. They ravage my garden and foundation plantings——-and YES!, I planted things “deer don’t like”. Guess what, when deer are starving, the eat stuff they don’t usually “like”.

They also devour the understory in the sylvan expanses surrounding our community. This threatens other wildlife in the region and destroys the next generation of trees as they try to get started. Because there are no predators, the deer population is out of control and DAMAGING the ecosystem! We cannot exactly reintroduce bears and wolves into our suburb, so we must act.

Our community voted for several years to cull the herd, but local activists succeeded in preventing it. Now we are supposedly putting the deer on birth control….. As the deer that wander from our neighborhood into the surrounding countryside where hunting goes on, hunters can expect to get hormone-laden venison.

And seriously, the best “arguments” the anti-cullers can come up with sound like childish laments after watching Bambi. “How can we kill God’s gentle, beautiful creatures……?” If I were a deer I would prefer to not die from starvation or being pulled apart by ravenous dogs. A well aimed bullet would be my top choice.

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