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1 Destro  Fri, Apr 5, 2013 1:02:11pm
That’s the sort of thing I remember seeing from travels in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s not the kind of thing I expect to see in the US. I can’t exactly blame the handler though. He’s on minimum wage with no benefits, and probably has to buy his own work uniform. If I was in that situation I’d probably find ways to make a few bucks on the side too.

Bribes like this are a result of wages not being in line with the work. Sure, sometimes bribes are paid to greedy people like politicians who do it just for the money but this worker clearly was working but not willing to do extra work for such little pay.

On another note, as a world traveller I must say I feel safer or more OK in corrupt nations where I can bribe officials over nations ruled by some sort of ideology where officials are true believers.


Because if shit hits the fan I can always maybe if I am lucky I can bribe my way to freedom. If I am stuck in a place were the ideology is supreme and the people running the show are real believers and holy rollers who could care less about anything other than the cause I can’t bribe for shit.

I don’t want to go Godwin, but if you are stuck in a regime run by ardent Nazis who really see their mission as holy than I can’t bribe my way out of the camp.

If on the other hand the regime is filled with Oscar Schindler types than I have a chance to bribe my way to safety. Or another example, the Somali pirates for example keep you alive so they can get a ransom from you but the al-Qaeda types rather cut your head off than get paid.

2 Aligarr  Fri, Apr 5, 2013 7:12:12pm

Situational ethics .What if the guy didn’t bribe the bus driver ? Would he have truly been “going nowhere ” that day ?
There were indeed nazis on all levels who took bribes either in money or trade to spare lives , but is it really a “bribe ” when it comes to saving your very life ?
In India , Brazil , Karachi , Constanza- Romania [before the Soviet collapse] Durban , Morroco ,Odessa, Hong Kong , and Egypt , one uses a cab to get around ,we called them piots .
Whatever you wanted , they would get . It was cost + bribe to seller+ bribe to pilot .In Vietnam , the “white mice ” -local police where bribed and get you the bet exchange for American Dollars in the black market .

However in the USA , the sort of bribe in the article is called a ” shakedown “.

3 Destro  Fri, Apr 5, 2013 11:49:14pm

re: #2 Aligarr

, but is it really a “bribe ” when it comes to saving your very life ?

Yea, if he takes money it is.

4 skylarkingtomfoolery  Sat, Apr 6, 2013 5:09:38pm

I travel quite a bit in developing countries, and have developed a whole taxonomy of bribes. There are two that appear universal and important:

1. Tips. In the U.S. we are accustomed to tipping after receiving a service. In most other countries, you tip before you receive the service to (a) ensure you receive the service in a timely manner, and (b) indicate the quality of service you want.

2. Pay-offs. If you have done something wrong or are suspected of having done something wrong, a pay-off has the same effect in the U.S. judicial system of taking a plea agreement.

It is best not to conflate bribes and corruption. There is considerable overlap, but bribes can also be part of a legitimate business transaction.

5 Flounder  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 12:27:01pm

hey buddy, heres 20 bucks to make this post go away.

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