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1 #CPAC: I Have A Short Mingle Stick.THANKS OBAMA.  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 2:44:00pm

What really bothers me is how white supremacist thinking has permeated the Republican party in general and in such a bold way.
I have friends on Facebook who are crazy right wing evangelical fanatics who have NEVER been racist in all the years I knew them but have now started posting “Facts”, “Statistics” and narratives that 10 years ago was ONLY found on KKK, Neo Nazi and white Supremacist web sites.
It doesn’t just bother me, It F%$^#$^^ pisses me off!

2 cinesimon  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 3:09:34pm

Yeah it is terrifying that the republican base has turned toward white supremacy. They may not even know though - which has always been common amongst such people.
The likes of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have mass-marketed the way white supremacists think and form arguments, and their fans have turned to the internet, found numerous white supremacist websites, and given the similarity of ideology and language between Limbaugh/Beck and the likes of Stormfront, hundreds of thousands of miserable idiots looking for others to blame, get handed a solution on a platter. No wonder the white supremacist movement look up to AM radio as if it were heaven sent.
Ultimately, the movement births fetid pits of brainless hate such as Breitbart. And this is where the current RNC gets it’s ideas with regards to where the base is at.
That is truly terrifying more than anything else. But the Koch brothers and their various subsidiaries love it - in fact their various political wings have been using the rhetoric and arguing techniques of Stormfront for a few years already. It’s what their climate denial, debt panic and flat tax machines rely on.

3 Skip Intro  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 4:56:09pm

re: #1 #CPAC: I Have A Short Mingle Stick.THANKS OBAMA.

What really bothers me is how white supremacist thinking has permeated the Republican party in general and in such a bold way.

The GOP will take growth anywhere it can find it. They are the Big Tent party, after all.

4 majii  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 4:59:30pm

Rank and file republicans tend to get angry if real examples of RW racism and bigotry are pointed out to them. They seem to have a special capacity to endorse/support racism and bigotry and deny their existence within the GOP at the same time. A recent study noted that white supremacists have found a comfortable place within the Republican Party. They are wielding quite a bit of influence in the party, as witnessed by the comments of top republicans like Santorum, Gingrich, Sununu, Romney, and others who think it’s perfectly fine to repeat blatant and ridiculous lies about People of Color and LGBTQ Americans, without having any evidence to document anything they say. The members of our MSM have played a big role in the perpetuation and acceptance of RW racism and bigotry by downplaying it and pretending that “both sides do it,” when they don’t. When the GOP squashed the Homeland Security report about domestic terrorism in 2009, they didn’t do the nation any favors. In fact, they gave a signal to white supremacists, sovereign citizens, militia groups, and other RW groups that it was now okay to use violence against anyone with whom they disagreed. Here in Middle GA we have the KKK, the League of the South, and several militia groups, and I keep my guns loaded and my eyes open for any instance in which they might decide to do something stupid. I believe membership in these groups will increase in GA because our republican-majority state legislature keeps passing laws that relax gun laws. There’s a bill moving through the state legislature right now that will allow guns to be carried on college campuses, even though college officials have said that they don’t want guns on their campuses.

5 Dr Lizardo  Mon, Apr 8, 2013 5:01:00pm

The GOP base is becoming increasingly receptive to the white supremacist ideology. Any number of factors can be argued as responsible, and I’d say the search for a scapegoat on the part of the white working poor that’s still present in the conservative movement is a big driver of this.

What concerns me is that the radicalism seems to be spreading into the middle class as well; as they come under increasing economic pressure and are pushed down into the ranks of the working poor, the search for a scapegoat - a ‘someone to blame’ for their misery, intensifies.

Of course, once the scapegoat has been identified, then they’ll start looking about for a messianic figure to redeem them - by destroying the scapegoat and thereby solving their problems (or that’s what they think, anyway).

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