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1 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 7:58:23pm

And by “similar situations”, you mean as long as we blur our eyes and look at them from a distance of a few thousand miles. Then, there might be some kind of similarity.
Proof indeed.
It’s amazing how certain some people can be, when it’s clear you’re not really paying much attention, apart from obsessing over the bits that you think ‘prove’ your case. That you’re ignoring most of reality, is apparently neither here nor there.
I have no idea of your political ideologies, but your lack of objectivity looks a whole lot like how right wingers behave these days.

Using your technique can also prove that the world is cooling. That weather patterns are stabilizing. That Obama is a commie. That Planned Parenthood uses federal funds to abort fully formed babies whose viability is not in questions.
And on and on.

2 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 8:06:08pm

And I just love how people think Snowden is actually a whistle blower. Talk about twisted logic.
That’s like saying that if you disagree with nuclear weapons, if you get a job specifically to get the targeting codes, then give information not only to the American press but to other countries who’re targeted, then you ought to be protected under a whistle-blowing law. That’s an obvious analogy, but there are any others.
As for Clapper: one again, he’s not broken any laws. A law passed a few years ago, which I also happen to disagree with, allows for security officials to mislead the public in the name of national security(rightly or wrongly). To just wish away that law, is either dishonest, or really, really ignorant. Especially for anyone actually reporting this story.
I think that law sucks and should be repealed, but it is a law.

This wishing away of reality to justify the canonization of Snowden, is really pathetic. It’s a shame so many on the left have fallen for this tea party-style selective reality.

3 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 9:37:20pm

By “on the left” you mean the NYT, WaPo, Atlantic, ProPublica, and 24 Democratic Senators not including Wyden and Udall?

Lawmakers Question White House Account of an Internet Surveillance Program
A lengthy statement from Senators Ron Wyden of (D) Oregon and Mark (D) Udall questioned the Adminstration’s statements.


It seems that these Senators trust Snowden more than Obama and his adminstration.

4 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 11:48:29pm

re: #3 Heywood Jabloeme

It seems your ability to read something and believe it says something else is quite the extraordinary talent you have. It’s very Alex Jones of you.
And your bizarre assumptions about what I mean when I say ‘on the left’ shows just how far down the rabbit hole into fantasy land you have decided to go. So bizarre.
And your childish obsession with those two particular senators is not only laughably, overtly dishonest, it’s also rather creepy.

5 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 11:58:14pm

re: #3 Heywood Jabloeme

And your inability to differentiate different parts of this policy discussion, and who believes and understands what, shows how little you really care about engaging in honest debate. Or even bothering to understand what people mean when they say certain things.
See, I despise the Patriot Act. In your bizarre world, that means I must see Snowden as a hero. Problem is, I have looked in detail at what he’s actually exposed. With regards to the Patriot Act, he exposed not one hing. He exposed nothing. Lots of bold claims, of course - which all those papers you mention above now acknowledge was incorrect hyperbole on the part of Snowden and Greenwald - your pal/hero GG.
You don’t seriously believe that if someone has concerns about the FISA court appointments, then they automatically agree with your kiddie-cult and see Snowden as this century’s brave, god-like hero?
I mean, that’s a really simplistic, childish point of view. Which hardly needs saying, for anyone capable of honestly thinking for themselves.

6 Heywood Jabloeme  Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:02:22am

All the claims made by Snowden and GG have now proven to be true. Clapper made a statement, more leaks occurred, he was forced to admit he lied.

You live in your own world.

7 Heywood Jabloeme  Mon, Jul 8, 2013 7:06:06am

The leaks of nothing by the nobadies Snowden and GG are being used to make a new case in SCOTUS.


8 cinesimon  Mon, Jul 8, 2013 3:05:55pm

So what you’re saying is, you have not been at LGF long enough to have read what Charles has been posting this past month.
As for living in my own world, you might want to look up the meaning of projection, kiddo.
And your bizarre need to simply ignore reality and equate what Snowden did with what Clapper did, shows just how skewed a reality you have chosen to live in.
Yeah, sure: the laws which we don’t like don’t exist because we don’t like them. And anyway, lying to congress, even if legal for Clapper due to a law that congress itself passed, is JUST AS BAD - exactly the same crime - as showing the Chinese classified memos abut U.SA spying on the Chinese. Same crime! That’s why we brave truth-tellers equate them!

Hey also, when you imply that I think Snowden and GG are nobodies - or “nobadies” - really only shows that you don’t bother to read that which you criticize. Which has become a rather common feature of most of what you’re doing here. That, and showing utter contempt for LGF readers.

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