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1 elizajane  Fri, Aug 23, 2013 8:47:55am

Read the whole article. Conclusion:

This is why I take his threats, casual slurs, and obfuscations so seriously. It is not the harmless game of someone with a loud mouth. Glenn Greenwald’s lies have serious consequences. At this point, his constant lying is affecting not only the people he lies about, but is contributing to a tremendous self-censorship by those who see his lies and want to rebut them but are terrified of his swarm of bullies ruining their days or their lives.

It is inexplicable that so few have ever called him out by name for such deplorable, unethical behavior. So I am doing it as plainly as I possibly can. Glenn Greenwald is a serial liar. He is a bully. And he has no business being taken seriously ever again.

also worth quoting here:

While we’re on the subject of secret, undisclosed ties to the government, let’s revisit the timeline of events in Miranda’s detention at Heathrow. By his own admission, Greenwald was able to mobilize both Brazil’s foreign minister and London ambassador. Did anyone find it remarkable that a foreign journalist could marshall the senior officials of a 200 million person country on less than an hour’s notice? I did. I also found it remarkable how Greenwald — an outspoken defender of journalism, and a vocal critic of any attempt to interfere with journalism — was absolutely silent about Brazil’s massive protest movement that resulted in the rampant mistreatment (and deaths) of the journalists covering it. In fact, murdering journalists is depressingly routine in Brazil. It happens all the time.
I can’t fathom why Greenwald, who relies on the good graces of Brasilia to live with his partner and continue writing, would ignore such appalling government violence while shrieking at the top of his lungs about American surveillance (please, for the love of God, Glenn, don’t write about Brazil’s massive domestic surveillance apparatus, the proliferation of private militaries, or its growing use of drones to squash protests). It’s a total mystery, right?

How much lower can GG sink in my estimation? Not too much, I hope, although I’m sure he’ll try.

2 nofurrythings18  Fri, Aug 23, 2013 2:42:25pm

I feel the day is close that Glenn will begin to completely cannibalize himself.
He will not be able to help it … . .

3 majii  Fri, Aug 23, 2013 5:19:40pm

I have never taken GG seriously. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen so many self-absorbed faux journalists and shills like him in my 60 years. He always came across to me as someone who had low self-esteem because it seems that every move he makes is meant to somehow draw attention to himself and elevate his status in the public sphere. I began to wonder what his problems are that he’s not admitting to himself or revealing to his political supplicants some time ago.

When he “broke” the NSA story, I was neither surprised nor impressed because most of what he included in his articles, I either already knew or suspected was happening. What also didn’t surprise me, but irritated the living hell out of me, was the support he and Assange found on the far left. These poor souls have made fools and mockeries of themselves in their drive to protect GG and Assange, and for what? We on the left need to be very cautious about hitching our horses to certain wagons. Neither Assange nor GG is what he appears to be. I view them as members of the right whose unstated plan is to sow discord on the left, splinter the party, and cause some on the left to either sit out the next election or vote for Rand Paul.

Any true progressive knows that either of these means the instant death of all that we hope to achieve and would mean a step back into the past. The answer as to why a group of disgruntled leftists would risk so much to provide support and assistance to GG and Assange is beyond my ability to understand. All I can posit is that maybe GG and Assange’s supporters aren’t members of the left but have presented themselves as being leftists for some unknown reason(s.) If this is the case, GG’s fake “expose” on the NSA exposed who/what they are. More and more, they’re reminding me of the rabid tea partiers we saw in 2009 and 2010 who were willing to show their asses to any and everyone to make a point. Just as the tea partiers would invade and shutdown web sites where writers tried to discuss issues in a logical and thoughtful way, this group of far leftists seems to be doing the same thing to anyone who dares writes one word questioning GG and/or Assange. Just like the tea partiers, these folks aren’t interested in democracy or sensible discussions of issues because they’re authoritarians who think that the only opinion that matters is theirs. They’ll go to any lengths to quash any opposition which challenges their POV, so I’m going there—-they’re political thugs being led by GG and Assange who are also political thugs and bullies.

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