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1 cinesimon  Mon, Aug 26, 2013 4:49:47pm

There’s going to have to be a system like in Ireland, where people are flown to places where it’s safe and legal. It’s the only way.
Otherwise, dirty & illegal horror clinics are going to start becoming the norm - just the way the right wing seems to want it, sociopaths that they so proudly seem to have become. It’s sick that to so many of these politicians, many of whom have no issue with abortion and recognize the realities, consider their political careers to be more important than the lives of women and families in trouble. Especially the poor. Surprise surprise.
Not only are their political careers more important, but many of them have actually used the lives of poor women as a means to get into power!
Though many campaigned on the childish anti-tax ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ rhetoric, but once in power they forgot all that - and as we all saw, they concentrated on reducing access to healthcare for vulnerable women. How very freedomy of them. How very anti-tax.
Just like their cutting of access to voting for the young and minorities, they claim it’s all about saving money - and when it’s shown they’re not saving any money, they seek to erase reality from the books.
It’s sick. Sick and twisted in so many ways.
Yet, there are still plenty of people - people who’e regular here at LGF - who still say they’re proud republicans.
Anyone who claims to be a proud republican, by this stage, is supporting the suppression of democracy in America that looks very much like Putin’s ‘special democracy’, the suppression of science for political and economic reasons, advocating for a reduction in the health and well-being of the poor and vulnerable - cutting food stamps, closing women’s healthcare clinics, insisting on religion-based sex education(ie none plus a prayer), advocating for hatred against Hispanics, gay people, people with dark skin color, … the list goes on and on.
Their interests only go one way: big business. They’ve even managed to ensure that actual small business don’t get a voice when it comes to discussing what affects small business. The Republican party’s version of a small business is a branch or subsidiary of a large corporation. or a massive hedge fund that employs a couple of people, but manages hundreds of millions or even billions of retiree money. Unproductive, they hardly employ anyone - but boy do they know how to contribute to a political campaign.
Cutting taxes and accountability with regards to civil, criminal and environmental law is the primary aim of republicans across the board. Forget their rhetoric - their actions say it all. Legislate against women and minorities, and for large corporations. That’s it.

Yet ‘moderate’, ‘reasonable’ republicans simply sit back and pretend that it’ll all blow over - it’ll all be OK, just be patient. And they sit there, complacent, sure that all they need to do is claim that moderate republicans exist.
I’m sorry but there are plenty of principled conservatives in the Democratic party, or are now independent. There can be no credible reason or excuse for any decent person to remain a republican and for them to support the RNC - chaired by an gutless alcoholic who is currently trying to present himself as the sociopath his base wants to see.
That ‘patience’ ship passed over a year ago, really.

Look, the majority of Democrats don’t like us funding large corporations who make death tools. Nor do we like to see similar large corporations being funded to take over the education of our kids. Nor the concept of private prisons, who lobby and fund politicians who are into ‘tough on crime’ nonsense that has so clearly worked. Very successfully! To fill the pockets of those same politicians. To reduce crime? Not so much. Prison is no deterrent, it’s a college for crime - the cliche is damn right. We don’t like the churches are taxpayer funded. We don’t like that il companies and the destruction they cause is taxpayer supported.
We don’t like it. We pay taxes too.
We think our taxes SHOULD be spent on social security. On proper education. On science(the greatest investment the government has ever made, yet is still under attack - from people who represent states who’ve massively benefited from the profits of science). On ensuring the laws are upheld - including environmental laws. A number of right wing leaders claim it’s unfair and dishonest to suggest that they don’t think we all have a right to clean air and water to breathe. How dare we suggest that of them. Yet look at their actions. Heck listen to their words! They’re the ones who keep calling the EPA Nazis. They’re the ones who want to get rid of ALL environmental regulations(except for messy lawns - the hippies are never welcome and if they won’t cut the lawn, we’ll send SWAT in. Spill oil into our lakes, mountains and communities, and zip. The oil co’s are likely to get an apology from Republican leadership when they’re criticized), wanting to leave it all to the goodwill of corporations. Who by law cannot consider the environment as a factor - hence the reason for laws ensuring they do.
It just goes on and on. Republicans are more extreme, more ignorant and more dangerous for the world than I think even their most vociferous opponents realize.
Same goes for Russia’s dominant party, United Russia. They and America’s Republican Party are birds of a feather - the epitome of the world’s ills, on every level - political corruption, fraud, theft, deathly pollution. They are against ‘freedom’ for anybody but those who can afford it, they think that rich people are rich by divine right, and that nobody else ought to be running the world but them. They could care less if poor people are sick, homeless or die due to their profit making. In their twisted ideology, that’s the way god intended it.
They really are people of another age. An age before democracy, before science, before the people were allowed to think for themselves.
This is the age both United Russia and the Republican Party want to return to.

It’s sickening. America and Russia are becoming a serious threat to the safety of the rest of the world.

2 cinesimon  Mon, Aug 26, 2013 4:50:34pm

Fuck that was a rant. Sorry. Not intended - keyboard diarrhea.

3 I Earned My Sodomy Merit Badge!  Mon, Aug 26, 2013 5:34:26pm

re: #2 cinesimon

Hell no. That was great. You should rant more!

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