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1 blueraven  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 8:48:03pm

What a nasty, racist, ignorant, old coot.

2 I Earned My Sodomy Merit Badge!  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 8:48:08pm

How are they going to lose their benefits?

3 HappyWarrior  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 8:48:12pm

Yeah shoot the n-word is totally out of context. Here’s some context for you sir, you’re a fucking douchebag who doesn’t have the balls to admit his racism. At least the KKK knows they’re bigots.

4 HappyWarrior  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 8:48:31pm

re: #2 I Earned My Sodomy Merit Badge!

How are they going to lose their benefits?

Because Obama hates whitey.

5 HappyWarrior  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 8:52:04pm

You know what’s truly sad is Obama’s plan is trying to help people like this guy and his wife. I think that’s what is most upsetting about much of the hatred directed at Obama. It comes from by people who will and perhaps already have benefited from his policies. It was the poorest states that backed Romney strongest despite the fact that Romney cared more about the very wealthy’s interests.

6 Ogami Itto  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 9:20:38pm
“(The Secret Service) didn’t see no pictures of Obama with bullet holes in his head,” Marsters told the Daily News. “It’s not a threatening statement, in my opinion. People take it out of context as a threat.”

How is a picture of the president with the words “Shoot the ni**er” on it not meant as a threatening statement? Also, when did Maine become Mississipi?

7 BongCrodny  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 10:48:18pm

He would have wrote “Shoot the ni**er” if Mitt Romney had been elected President?

8 majii  Thu, Aug 29, 2013 11:05:41pm

I doubt he’d ever called Romney a n!**er, even if he says he would have attacked him in the same manner. Marsters has been saying the word for so long that it’s no biggie for him to refer to us Black Americans using the term. Everything about his comment and attitude screams out loud that he’s a Fox News bootlicker. When January 1, 2014 dawns, and he discovers that he and his wife still have the same health insurance coverage, he won’t admit he was wrong, he’ll just move on and find another reason to hate President Obama and to use racial slurs against him. His real problem isn’t with this president’s policies, it has everything to do with his race. This can be seen in his use of racial slurs against him. There were numerous ways he could have made it plain that he disagreed with President Obama’s policies, but he took the low road of racism. With folks like Marsters, the fault is never with themselves or the sources they depend upon for information, it’s always someone else’s fault. Every Fox viewer should have had more than enough of the network after last year’s presidential election when they discovered that the network had deliberately lied to them, but I guess an addiction to hate is a hard habit to break.

9 sizzzzlerz  Fri, Aug 30, 2013 7:22:56am

It was out of context because he only said it once. Everybody knows that to be seriously considered as a threat, he must say it three times, twirling around on his toes the third time and then drop into a leg split a’ la James Brown.

Now that’s serious.

10 Skip Intro  Fri, Aug 30, 2013 9:14:51am

re: #2 I Earned My Sodomy Merit Badge!

How are they going to lose their benefits?

You have to be a loyal listener of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and the entire Fox News circus of the surreal to find out.

11 nines09  Fri, Aug 30, 2013 2:44:44pm

Living proof that some insects are smarter than some humans.

12 Decatur Deb  Fri, Aug 30, 2013 5:36:21pm

re: #2 I Earned My Sodomy Merit Badge!

How are they going to lose their benefits?

Video of his twitter traffic showed he is using Tricare, a follow-on to military medical benefits. Keeping veterans in a high state of alarm over supposed Tricare cuts is a cottage industry.

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