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1 Justanotherhuman  Wed, Feb 26, 2014 5:47:52am

If that guy had put his hand on any part of me, he’d have a broken nose, “fellow cryptoenthusiast” or not.

2 EiMitch  Wed, Feb 26, 2014 9:07:15am

IMO, conventions ought to have security trained specifically to remove creeps like this and report them to the police. There should be no tolerance for sexual harassment at public venues, especially in cases this obvious. Everyone, including conventions, should consider this an issue of public safety.

3 wrenchwench  Wed, Feb 26, 2014 10:49:40am

re: #2 EiMitch

IMO, conventions ought to have security trained specifically to remove creeps like this and report them to the police. There should be no tolerance for sexual harassment at public venues, especially in cases this obvious. Everyone, including conventions, should consider this an issue of public safety.

She doesn’t even think she WAS harassed.

Was either of us mistreated? Technically, no. But the conditions under which our presence was accepted were such that from the moment we entered the room, the other attendees’s preconceptions were at a distinct disadvantage.

Here’s how she ends her article:

I think my experience at the meetup is worth sharing because Bitcoin lies at the heart of both finance and tech, two industries that carry tremendous weight and which have traditionally struggled to attract women. Given the events of the other night, this is hardly surprising. I am undeterred and if anything will be even more proactive about attending these events. In my mind, it’s a little preposterous that if I want to do so, however, I have to be ok with being felt up and indirectly insulted. If women fail to take an active interest in Bitcoin now, when it is still in its infancy and its potential is largely untapped, we will have yet another sector in which the gender is underrepresented and trailing. Bitcoin as a currency has the ability to revolutionize the banking and financial system, but the implication of Bitcoin as a protocol extend much further than that. I’ll write a post of my own on that soon, but in the meantime I recommend you check out Mark Andreessen’s excellent post on why Bitcoin matters.

Anyways ladies, ignore the naysayers and get out to those Bitcoin meetups! If you want to attend a meetup or chat crypto anytime, shoot me a line on Twitter.

To save bitcoin from being a male thing, women are supposed to join in with the dudebros. Yes, there are female dudebros, and she is one. She needs some consciousness raising to realize she has the right to respond to a guy’s hand on her leg more like justanotherhuman would. A squirm? Whose feelings are you trying to protect?

Dudebroism has a foundation in disdain and contempt for the weak, and that’s the attitude needed in order to be an isolationist, a social conservative, and above all, a libertarian. Dudebros will be dudebros. If they matured enough to treat women as humans and intellectual equals, they would also give up libertarianism. So I think there will always be a dearth of women into bitcoin.

By the way, in the legitimate financial world, women are still a minority by far, but progress is being made, and the head of the Fed is a woman, Janet Yellen. Of course, dudebros thing the Fed is evil, so….

4 wrenchwench  Wed, Feb 26, 2014 10:56:00am

She is a Dudebro Extraordinaire.


The hyperinflation that crippled the Zimbabwean economy was not the product of some greater, unstoppable economic force. It was the direct result of currency manipulation and irresponsible printing of money. The Mugabe government did so to finance wars in the Congo, pay off debts, and inflate the salaries of high-ranking military and government officials.

Gideon Gono, governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, increased the supply of money enormously against the advice of economists, but with full support from President (read: dictator) Robert Mugabe. As any basic textbook of economics posits, the Zimbabwean dollar fell in value and hyperinflation followed.


I use Zimbabwe as an example because it is one I am familiar with, but similar economic situations have unfolded across various continents. Peru, Brazil, Angola, Yugoslavia (at the time when it still existed) and a number other countries have all suffered from crippling hyperinflation, and in many cases this was caused by impulsive, foolish “human error” in the form of printing money without thought for the consequences.

Here is where Bitcoin comes into play. Since bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is controlled by algorithms rather than one or a small handful of individuals, there is no option to simply “print more money”. This precludes governments from instituting reckless monetary policies and subverting entire economies on little more than a whim.


5 Lidane  Wed, Feb 26, 2014 3:35:28pm

Sounds exactly like my experiences in the early 90’s. My best friend and I used to run BBS boards and websites when 9600 baud modems were fast and before Netsape was a thing. She and I would go to the local meetups and were the only women there that weren’t the wives or girlfriends of the other sysops. We were treated like novelties that had wandered into the wrong building, or we were hit on by creepy weirdos.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess.

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