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1 CuriousLurker  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 5:41:12pm

Wow, that was some serious douchebaggery.

2 TedStriker  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 6:15:24pm

re: #1 CuriousLurker

Wow, that was some serious douchebaggery.

Hate and bigotry, no one has a monopoly on it.


3 Political Atheist  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 6:23:18pm

re: #1 CuriousLurker

Wow, that was some serious douchebaggery.

May more temperate people prevail. Tensions may well rise before they ease, lots of issues afoot.

4 wheat-dogghazi  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 7:53:38pm

This is the editorial, in Chinese.

Here is the Google Translate version of the original editorial. My Chinese is not up to translating myself. There appears to be no official English translation at the publishing website. Wonder why … [LuoShi is the transliteration of his family name, btw.]

The writer exemplifies the kind of rabid xenophobia in China that I mentioned in another comment elsewhere. Laughably, the writer blames Locke for the pollution in Beijing, because Locke published independent air quality figures at the embassy website that were often much higher than the official Chinese ones.

Locke was born in a third-generation Chinese- American , and his ” yellow white heart ” banana man became the property of the advantages of Obama ‘s foreign policy. Reveals new U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy, selection during his tenure . Because, one who wants to split your table, people always want to leave , “I was thinking of you ” impression. When the United States in the Asia-Pacific continue to stir swirl, create conflicts when there is a wanderer lived abroad on the surface , with black hair and yellow skin of the bladder to the United States applauded . Speech was a really good double reed .

However, put a long banana ” yellow ” is always to rot , not only “white heart” will be exposed to , will become queasy “black .” Maybe LuoShi think yellow skin appearance alone is not enough . Experienced American political campaign show LuoShi know how to use the media . Consequently, a variety of ” Jane LRT line , backpacks Walks , economy class ,” the drama turns debut . Initially, a simple indeed make good Chinese people’s eyes. But then think about it, stood business class , dainty chosen “unintentional ” in front of the camera to sit in economy class , eat fast food , in fact, and the wealthy occasional farmhouse and then upload pictures “show” What’s the difference ? Luo’s show if I can not talk nonsense , at least Americans own media sources, he served as Washington King County sheriff , during the campaign for governor of Washington state ‘s territorial bribery always ” Shoudaoqinlai .”

In fact , Ambassador Locke ‘s reality show is financially ” throttle open source” good case . Say ” throttling ” because the United States is the lump sum financial ambassador , sitting in business class , eat dinner ho budget is exhausted, economy class , eat fast food to save money is refundable . Say ” open source” , a show behind the need for security, promotion costs , is the new budget . We are very curious , Mr. Ambassador, “cutting open source” to save money , could there be to open up advertising company ? Just listen to foreign media , said the Ambassador in the absence of the lens when the living is costing billions of dollars in the ambassador’s residence , travel scooter is a special bulletproof luxury car.

Ambassadors are their own mouthpiece , so two hands will not sleepwalk quarrel . But Luo’s ancestors not only does not recognize the text , but also do not understand Chinese laws, especially like facing China ‘s internal affairs meddling. Every U.S. officials visit China , Luo’s presentation will be handed , so-called human rights to talk about China and Tibet issues , U.S. officials took the opportunity to remind beat China . He also went to Xinjiang, Tibet , incite evil wind , point Xiehuo . He ran his own is not enough, yet ? % ? ? = ? 6 left the so-called human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng , and “obligation” to run together with the blind , successfully played a ” guide dog ” role. Thus , Luo’s ambassador industry successfully won at least throw diplomatic etiquette ” wonderful ” crown .

Luo’s performances so effortlessly , Figure Gesha it ? In fact, the arrival of his soon as he said : “We have met with religious leaders and by some human rights lawyers dissemination of American values ​​.” Originally, he let us love America , want the United States to the United States Chuaizhuo wallet . He thought so , but also to do so. His hard “investment” Chinese public opinion , in the name of official or private foundation funding , buying ” pro-American people ,” development ” cents a party .” Yes, there he talked about ” the Chinese people greatly shorten the waiting time for a visa interview , so that 90% of the applicants can get a visa .” But do not think you are , but for China ‘s economic takeoff muster the Chinese people ‘s pockets and the uniqueness of children , how can so many people to the United States ah !

For the time when our country ‘s governance environment work together , Mr. Ambassador stood their job does not make , but did not tell us the United States also have pollution in Los Angeles “light gray years “, but took the tester reads Beijing PM2.5 values ​𠂼oncurrent microblogging. I do not know exactly what he is , anyway, I heard it after the U.S. embassy and embassy staff subsidies supporting equipment are on a new level . Luo’s also use our governance environment , we once again sick .
USA For an outsider, it seems like a never say so ” loving ” over the Gulf Central tank missiles , as well as the streets of Egypt and Ukraine in addition to the conflict . This is a new era in Europe called ” crusade ” , but the local freedom, equality of opportunity and it is gone. Speaking of which , I would remind Mr. Luo , later putting ambassador , do not just ” Jane LRT line ” friends. After all, not every country to China so friendly and safe. Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan , Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as AK-47, very dangerous miles !

Today, out of the White House after the disgraced Snowdon , Luo’s gone. He said that all the children . Oh, looks like you’re still bent so that the younger generation is also serving America’s ” freedom , opportunity and equality ,” the. After all, we all know where to refer to the United States at gunpoint , fired where to hit it. Pacific water fast is the director and the director of his background in Japan , the Philippines, the junior partner muddy . Re- performance ” for your sake ” Nobody believed. At least, we know, ” Glory is a universal ” concept needs altered it. Mr. Ambassador wants us to love America, I do not want to say anything , but I think the hero LUO Luo’s ancestors remark :

” Look at today ‘s field , was actually someone in the world ! “

Mr. Ambassador, your “performance” , your ancestors know? If your ancestors know that you can make a portal expelled .

Luo’s coming, Beijing haze came. Luo’s gone, Beijing suddenly blue skies , blue skies. Mr. Ambassador wave of the sleeves , brought us the heart of the ” haze .” Luo Jun Yu He asked to borrow , because the rain and sway . Send haze , sending plague . Farewell, Luo’s Ieteru !

Author : Wang Ping

5 philosophus invidius  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 8:11:24pm

Thanks, Obama?

6 majii  Fri, Feb 28, 2014 10:41:23pm

Well, there is one thing Wang Ping has in common with the members of one American political party—a refusal to take responsibility for one’s own words/actions. Amb. Locke didn’t cause China’s pollution problem, its’ politicians did by having its’ citizens burn a hell of a lot of fossil fuels while they paid no attention to the fact that citizens need clean air and water to survive and thrive. Chinese leaders have never wanted to admit China’s role in contributing to global warming/climate change.

7 calochortus  Sat, Mar 1, 2014 8:50:57am

Seems childish to me. I assume everyone will ignore it and move on.

8 TDG2112  Sat, Mar 1, 2014 9:31:50am

Okay, I asked my wife. The thing is he looked Chinese (he was an ABC) but couldn’t speak Chinese. So yeah, Chinese are really nasty to what they call “yellow bananas.” It is a very common term on the mainland apparently. I never heard it while I was in Taiwan 15+ years ago, but teaching English there I saw a lot of educated people who would not have anything to do with anyone who looked Chinese if they didn’t speak perfect Chinese. But then would turn around and heap praise on my and any other white guy who couldn’t speak more than hello and good bye.

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