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1 Official Lab Rat In Gay Radical Experiment  Sun, Mar 9, 2014 6:55:16pm

There is nothing in common between this and black face. White performers who were doing black face were not doing it for the same reasons. They were doing it as a form of comedic burlesquing. Making fun of black people and their American sub culture that formed here. It was a higher caste (Whites) making fun of a lower caste (blacks).

Sometimes actors would wear black face because AA’s were not allowed in white theater, so when they needed a black character a white person would do it. Of course almost all black characters in theater were a degraded stereo type.

My mother was a dancer and had a school. She taught middle Eastern dance (belly dance) and some East Indian. One of her best friends was a belly dancer from India, whom I was named after. Never did my mother or her friend want to appropriate the culture or intentionally humiliate or degrade it, it was a form of art.

Yes there is a lot happening in the American belly dance world that pisses of the puritans of old style cabaret belly dance, but that is what happens in a shrinking world, and what has always happened in cultures. No cultures are stagnant or homogenous (You heard me right white supremacists and wingnuts) The contemporary American belly dancing, I find very exciting, as it is a hybrid and always changing and borrowing elements from somewhere else. Some incorporates modern dance and ballet and others are incorporating gymnastics with popping and locking!

Great post with even greater commentary. Thank you!

2 calochortus  Sun, Mar 9, 2014 7:31:04pm

So the author is saying Arab women aren’t allowed to waltz because that would be “appropriating European culture?” I thought not.

3 StephenMeansMe  Mon, Mar 10, 2014 10:22:56am

re: #2 calochortus

So the author is saying Arab women aren’t allowed to waltz because that would be “appropriating European culture?” I thought not.

The extreme end of that line of thinking asserts that white/European people have no culture of their own, it was all stolen/appropriated/colonized from people of color / non-Europeans.

It’s the Tea Party version of the Left. Something to look forward to in the coming years, I’m afraid.

4 kerFuFFler  Mon, Mar 10, 2014 12:52:17pm

So should Europeans be upset that orchestras around the world share the wonder and excitement of Beethoven and other classical masters?

The nerve of Lang Lang expropriating our musical instruments and traditions!///

5 kerFuFFler  Mon, Mar 10, 2014 1:07:41pm

Read a heartening comment at the article! I’ll quote this part:

Ladies & gentlemen let me first introduce myself before I even comment on this absurd article .. I am an Egyptian lady, born & raised in Egypt and currently live in Canada. I happen to be a belly dancer & of brown skin too and I am mostly a self taught dancer….. I am just outraged and can not believe that the author had the audacity to be that insanely racist & judgmental .

I apologize to all of you lovely ladies that put your heart and soul in my culture. You help me preserve my own roots by reviving my national dance, no matter what color your skin is. I see you dancers in restaurants, classes, in public & private parties and it fills my heart with joy that miles and miles away from home you dancers have such appreciation and trying so hard to embrace a culture that is so different than yours but yet you feel close to it in your hearts and want so much be part of it that you wear the costumes & the make up, try to understand the meaning of the songs & I even know some that went the extra mile of learning the language ….

6 CuriousLurker  Mon, Mar 10, 2014 1:25:26pm
The world does not need intransigent cultures, entrenched unto themselves. It needs cultural exogamy and miscegenation.

Great post, thanks.

7 palmerskiss  Mon, Mar 10, 2014 3:53:45pm

re: #5 kerFuFFler

thanks for posting that comment! :D

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