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1 John Vreeland  May 15, 2014 9:03:25pm

Just to give an example of D’Souza’s amazing debating skills, I will use them against him.

1. According to the tenets of Pastafarianism, if Dinesh D’Souza neglects or forsakes the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), then he will suffer for an eternity in Hell*.
2. Attending to the FSM costs little, while neglecting or forsaking Him may be very costly, so
3. According to D’Souza’s (and Pascal’s) brilliant logic, he should believe in the FSM.

* Possibly a freezer where you slowly mummify into an unrecognizable leftover, or perhaps an apparent hedonist paradise where the beer is always warm and stale and the strippers all have STD’s. I do not think anyone really knows.

2 Randall Gross  May 16, 2014 3:54:15am

If you are going to link to notoriously paleoconservative / white supremacist sites like TAC, please link the cache, not the actual site. If you don’t do that then at least give some background or context to the readers you send to that sewer.

3 HappyWarrior  May 16, 2014 6:58:57am

That’s right, Dinesh channel your inner Alex Jones. Obama personally is out to get you when in reality if he thinks of you at all, it’s about that clown who tried to make anti-colonialist a slur in an American context.

4 wrenchwench  May 16, 2014 8:40:07am

re: #2 Randall Gross

If you are going to link to notoriously paleoconservative / white supremacist sites like TAC, please link the cache, not the actual site. If you don’t do that then at least give some background or context to the readers you send to that sewer.

And linking to Daniel Larison in particular (in an uncritical way) is sending folks to a sewer. Here’s Larison in 2005:

The Hegemonists, Thomas Woods and the League of the South

As a member of the League of the South (though, I must admit to my discredit that I am not by any stretch of the imagination an active member), I would like to congratulate Dr. Woods on the publication of his new book. I would also like to thank him for what appears to be a restatement of the view of American history that was once a common sense, majority view, at least among self-styled conservatives, and which needs to be instilled in the modern American public again and again.


Let me take this opportunity to say a few words about the League of the South, a group to which I am proud to belong for these past ten years. This group of ladies and gentlemen, for whom such terms still have their traditional meaning, endeavours to preserve their Southern, Christian cultural, religious and political heritage from the ravages of the same freethinking, Yankee spirit and empire that has gone on to devastate so many other societies, including that of those northern states gulled into the cause of Unionism.


We in the League believe, if I can speak for the League in general terms, that faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity is imperative for salvation, loyalty to kith and kin is natural, necessary, sane and admirable, and veneration for one’s ancestors and their struggles is worthy and indeed a duty for decent people. In specifically political terms we hold that the decentralised confederation of states that we once possessed best suits the interests of local communities, traditional Christian religion, the integrity of the family, the conservation of constitutional liberties received from our fathers and is the rightful legacy of our free and honourable ancestors.


The defeat of the Confederacy, though the Confederate political experiment does not exhaust the richness of Southern culture and identity, was a defining moment when the United States took its steps towards the abyss of the monstrous centralised state, rootless society and decadent culture that we have today. In sum, the Confederacy represented much of the Old America that was swept away, and with it went everything meaningful about the constitutional republican system, and the degeneration of that system in the next hundred years was the logical and ultimately unstoppable result of Lincoln’s victory


The excerpts are representative of the rest, and he goes on like that in the comments as well.

Larison does not even deserve a quote when taking down D’Souza, who may be more of a crackpot, but less dangerous than Larison himself.

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