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1 HappyWarrior  Jun 15, 2014 11:23:52am

Oh no GOP bigotry at all. Closet Democrats making good conservatives look bad.//

2 Keep Texas Prisons Rapey!1!1!1!!!  Jun 15, 2014 11:31:43am

“Where are you really from?”
OMG. What is wrong with them?

3 jaunte  Jun 15, 2014 11:32:27am

re: #2 Keep Texas Prisons Rapey!1!1!1!!!

13 generations of American mothers are not enough if you have a scarf on your head.

4 HappyWarrior  Jun 15, 2014 11:34:53am

re: #2 Keep Texas Prisons Rapey!1!1!1!!!

“Where are you really from?”
OMG. What is wrong with them?

Seriously and yet they cry whenever it’s pointed out by the left that they may be bigoted jackasses. You don’t want to be called bigoted. Well maybe you shouldn’t act you know bigoted and act like everyone who isn’t a white person isn’t an American. No excuse for this kind of shit.

5 CuriousLurker  Jun 15, 2014 11:54:54am

re: #2 Keep Texas Prisons Rapey!1!1!1!!!

“Where are you really from?”
OMG. What is wrong with them?

As a native Texan who finally got tired of the unabashed bigotry & ignorance there and fled east, I can assure you that the next question would be “Well, where are your parents from?”

I actually had a friend of my brother’s ask those questions upon being introduced to him, I kid you not.* My brother said, “This is my sister, Aminah.” We exchanged pleasantries, shook hands, then he asked where I was from. My brother, looking somewhat gobsmacked, said, “She’s from here. I just told you she’s my sister.” The guy, still not able to get past the hijab, asked,”Well, where are your parents from?” My brother got all ‘splodey headed at that point and started yelling:

Dude, I just told you SHE’S MY SISTER. We have the same parents, we grew up in the same place, which part of that do you not understand???”


* We’re both half white & half hispanic—I came out brown and my brother came out white so he “passes”. Now throw in my hijab and the fact that he’s a fan of the country & western cowboy look and… well, let’s just say that we get strange glances in public.

6 Skip Intro  Jun 15, 2014 11:56:32am

Magical Balance Fairy Needed AT ONCE!

Need example of Christian reporter being treated badly at a Democratic Convention for being Christian.

DF, your party needs you to step up to the plate here.

7 nines09  Jun 15, 2014 12:04:38pm

Meanwhile, down the street 5 armed men walk into a Target Department store and no one blinks.

8 Archangelus  Jun 15, 2014 1:25:20pm

re: #2 Keep Texas Prisons Rapey!1!1!1!!!

“Where are you really from?”
OMG. What is wrong with them?

Pretty much everything IMO.

I’d ask her for one thing, and one thing only: Name the ******* candidate! Industrial-grade jerks like that deserve to be exposed for all to know and named and shamed for the bigots that they are.

9 Eclectic Cyborg  Jun 15, 2014 2:18:11pm
As I walked through the halls, people stopped in their tracks and frowned and shook their heads at me. Panelists threw the word “Islamist” around as if it were perfectly OK, and one man even asked if I felt alone at a meeting. I was referred to as “you people” and “y’all Muslims” more times than I can count. The worst part was the way delegates looked at me, as if I were something to fear when I approached them.

“I did not observe any of this,” said Steve Munisteri, Texas GOP chairman. “I never heard a single anti-Muslim statement, and I never saw any anti-Muslim activity.”

Right because if you didn’t personally see it, it TOTALLY didn’t happen!

Munisteri said to Yahoo News in an interview that this year’s meeting drew 10,000 participants, and that everyone was expected to “treat their fellow delegates and guests with respect and civility.”

“Is it possible that some knucklehead said something that was mean-spirited to somebody? Sure,” he said. “Would the state party ever condone that? Absolutely not.”

Wow, just wow.

What the hell kind of culture have we become?

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