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1 Eclectic Cyborg  Jul 26, 2014 7:50:47am

Stephen Harper has got to go.

2 1Peter G1  Jul 26, 2014 9:33:25am

Preventing poverty? Noble goal. And seeing as charity begins at home most charities start by paying their executives extremely well. Anybody think the president of the Susan G Komen foundation needs half a million a year plus perks? All charities should be regularly audited and the results available for public inspection. This particular issue should strike a chord should it not seeing as many of these charities are clearly moving into political territory and you might just remember that is what the IRS was attempting to prevent with those phoney PAC s. Same thing. Now how did that get to be a bad thing in the US but a desirable thing in Canada?

3 Romantic Heretic  Jul 26, 2014 11:18:51am

re: #2 1Peter G1

Because the audit had nothing to do with OXFAM Canada’s paying money into PACs. We don’t have them here.

This has to do with Our Dear Leader punishing OXFAM for having an opinion he disagrees with. Quite a number of charities have come under attack. So far as I know no organizations with a ‘conservative’
bent are being scrutinized in this manner.

As the article notes it’s advocacy chill pure and simple.

And how do you know that I approve of how the States is handling audits into charities?

4 1Peter G1  Jul 26, 2014 4:27:00pm

re: #3 Romantic Heretic

Anytime a charity tells you they are being punitively audited that’s a pretty sure sign there is something waiting to be discovered. Being audited costs them virtually nothing. Charities are not supposed to engage in political activity. Period. And charities in Canada have a lamentable record of spending quite a lot of money on everything but what they are ostensibly organized to do. They’ve been poorly supervised for decades. I won’t donate to any charity that hasn’t been audited recently. The claim by OXFAM that they are being punished by having to disclose where they spend the money they raise? How exactly is that a punishment? What are you afraid of exactly?

5 Romantic Heretic  Jul 26, 2014 6:07:23pm

I’m afraid that people like you will one day have the power to make people like me shut up or else.

Don’t deny it. You’re applauding Our Dear Leader because you think he’s trying to quiet dissent and you have no problem with that.

6 StephenMeansMe  Jul 26, 2014 11:15:48pm

Relevant: some charities themselves don’t trust homeless / poor people.

7 Jayleia  Jul 27, 2014 9:22:47am

re: #4 1Peter G1

So, by your “logic” someone says “I’m being punished because X, means they’re actually guilty of Y, and should be punished for X, but not Y”…NEVER MIND THAT NO EVIDENCE OF EITHER X OR Y WAS PRESENTED!

If that’s not a Deca-Gohmert idea, I have no idea what could fit that criteria.

8 1Peter G1  Jul 27, 2014 3:05:55pm

re: #7 Jayleia

That’s why every publicly traded company is audited. Not because they are guilty but because the failure to audit invites fraud. The same thing should apply to all charities. And frankly I would prefer this ” government is evil” crap stayed south of the border. Government is persecuting us by doing their job you cry! That’s about as Republican as you can get.

9 1Peter G1  Jul 27, 2014 3:08:05pm

re: #5 Romantic Heretic

Actually I think your attribution of this to Harper is as meritless as attributing IRS audits to Obama. I believe the word is nonsense. And far from silencing you, I am answering you so don’t pout.

10 Jayleia  Jul 27, 2014 6:19:43pm

re: #8 1Peter G1

Except you had just stated charities with a goal of preventing poverty were in it for personal gain (no evidence presented). That if they said they were being audited for political reasons, that meant they’re guilty of something (again, no evidence presented), and then you ask Romantic Heretic what they’re afraid of.

I have no problem with government making sure that charities do charitable work, but the whole wordplay about relieving/preventing poverty is bullshit. I mean, is it charitable to distribute iron lungs and wheelchairs, but not to distribute the polio vaccine?

I even have no problem with auditing of charities, but again, this time it doesn’t look good. Unlike the fake charities that popped up here overnight that were asked for some extra info and freaked out. Oxfam has an established history, the programs it engages in have a valid goal…so…yeah…

Then its being told some of the programs that do have a valid goal are just…invalid because “REASONS”. And you’re fine with that.

11 1Peter G1  Jul 28, 2014 8:27:12am

re: #10 Jayleia

No I didn’t. I said it could. Which is why all charities should be audited in a timely fashion. You have much to learn about this subject. It was thought that making charity or non-profit board members personally responsible for financial defalcations would ensure sufficient incentive for them to provide proper oversight. That applies to everything from OXFAM to a soft ball league. That turned out to be a deeply flawed plan since all it did was provide incentive to hide defalcations. It is kind of amazing how many treasurers have gambling problems.

What I did say was that a lot of charities in Canada spend a disproportionate amount of the funds on their very well paid staffs . And that’s true. Many use contract fundraisers and settle for a tiny fraction of the revenue raised. And I will reiterate, charities in Canada should all be audited as to where those funds are spent. Every damn penny. The louder they moan about how noble they are the more frequently they should be audited.

12 Jayleia  Jul 29, 2014 2:33:23pm

re: #11 1Peter G1

Do you think I don’t remember you saying this? There’s a thing called the internet, its a series of tubes that serves as an excellent method of storing, indexing and retrieving information…or fuck, I could just read the damn page right above.

Anytime a charity tells you they are being punitively audited that’s a pretty sure sign there is something waiting to be discovered

Again, the CRA seems to have an established history of going after a particular type of charity. As opposed to the IRS in the US, which, as far as I could tell, went after overtly political groups, many founded very recently, with a variety of other red flags…

So, yeah, I’d be more inclined to believe this is a punitive audit.

And again, I’m going to ask you how preventing poverty is an invalid goal and alleviating poverty is valid, when preventing and curing/treating illness is valid? I again, expect *crickets* as a response, or an accusation of misconduct (or an accusation that misconduct COULD occur).

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