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1 HappyWarrior  Aug 11, 2014 8:43:58am

He’s nothing but a child playing dress up. Really, does James actually think that if border security were to see him that they’d think him to be Bin Laden? He can’t seriously be that stupid. Oh wait, this is the “pimp”, he is that stupid but even stupider are the saps who will see this as “proof” we need sharks with frigging laser beams on their head patrolling the border.

2 Skip Intro  Aug 11, 2014 8:47:31am

re: #1 HappyWarrior

He’s nothing but a child playing dress up. Really, does James actually think that if border security were to see him that they’d think him to be Bin Laden? He can’t seriously be that stupid.

His audience is. Funny how none of these asshats seemed concerned when the border was just as open under Bush the Lessor, even after 9/11.

3 S.D.  Aug 11, 2014 9:08:16am

Um, is he still under Parole?

Cause if he is: He just admitted to leaving the United States. Did he have permission???

Just saying.

4 Dr. Matt  Aug 11, 2014 9:09:53am

Why isn’t Fratboy O’Qweef in prison for date rape?

5 ObserverArt  Aug 11, 2014 9:46:09am

Do you know what else I didn’t see where the fence ended? I didn’t see hordes of cantaloupe leg drug smugglers pouring over the border.

You would think if James wanted to really make a point he would plop down somewhere out of sight with his camera trained at that very point he was crossing back and forth and wait for those hordes. Surely as unsecured as it is and with the gazillions of border crossing illegals coming in, within an hour or two he could film some illegals crossing to actually make his point. Maybe it would take a day, maybe more. Maybe he tried and no one showed up.

Something tells me there are some details missing in all of this, as there usually are with O’Keefe buffoonery. Oh, I don’t know…like why does the fence stops at that point? I’m betting there is a reason…and I bet the Sheriff knew the reason but maybe was told not to say why, or it was edited out.

Anyone know the area? Anyone else just a little suspicious of James O’Keefe. I know you are!

6 nines09  Aug 11, 2014 10:04:42am

Wow. In depth analysis and spot on character impersonation. What a maroon.

7 Kid A  Aug 11, 2014 10:05:34am

Just derp being derp.

8 wrenchwench  Aug 11, 2014 11:17:39am

More about Arvin West, the Hudspeth County Sheriff featured in the ‘film’.

He’s been fear-mongering for years.

At least once, the congressman has used intelligence from West to send the anti-immigration movement into a frenzy. In November 2005 Culberson recounted to Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes the tale of an “al-Qaida terrorist” he said had been taken into custody by West and locked up in a Brewster County jail. The terrorist was later whisked away by the FBI, Culberson said, telling Sean Hannity that he had obtained his information from West and Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson.

I ask West about the story. It seems West’s friend, sheriff of the Mexican town of Porvenir just across the river, had apprehended a fellow who was tracking migratory patterns of birds and writing down the information in Arabic in a diary.

“I’m not saying the guy was a terrorist,” West tells me as we bump through the desert, “but it seemed kind of strange that a guy of Arabic origin was keeping track of migratory animals in southwest Texas.” He pauses. “Consequently or coincidentally, this was right before the bird flu broke out.”

Read more:{7CF2007D-313F-4C93-8420-C0185B27BDD5}#ixzz3A6dwXNwg

That article is from 2009. [Excerpted from The Texas Observer (Oct. 30, 2009)]

Here’s another excerpt:

If many Americans think “Texas-Mexico border” and envision a war zone, it’s thanks in no small part to the stories spread by border sheriffs like West and Zapata County’s Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez. In November 2005, shortly before the “al-Qaida terrorist” story started to spread, Gonzalez took NBC reporter Rita Cosby (wearing a bulletproof vest) down to the Rio Grande at night. He was armed with a pistol and an AR-15. He memorably told Cosby and her viewers that just on the other side of the river, drug lords were grinding up men and feeding the meat to dogs.

Lupe Treviño, sheriff of Hidalgo County, is among the coalition members who say that the inflammatory rhetoric has brought the border region nothing but a lot of headlines and bad publicity.

“As an American, of course I am concerned about terrorism,” Treviño says, “but do you think my deputies have time to post themselves on the river to look for Osama bin Laden?” His department receives a call for assistance every four minutes on average, he adds.

This is from 2010:

Last week, residents held a town-hall meeting in Fort Hancock, Texas — a sleepy agricultural town on the border, about an hour southeast of El Paso, that looks like the bleak set of No Country for Old Men.

A couple hundred people crowded into the grade-school gym to hear a chilling message from Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West.

“You farmers, I’m telling you right now, arm yourselves,” he said. “As they say the old story is, it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. Damn it, I don’t want to see six people carrying you.”

Inflammatory rhetoric has consequences.

The Texas Rangers are assisting Hudspeth County Sheriff’s deputies in the investigation into a shooting Wednesday in which a Hudspeth County rancher wounded two alleged trespassers and then drove them to get help at a Fabens fire station.

The shooting occurred in Hudspeth County, where Sheriff Arvin West last year advised farmers to “arm yourselves” because of fear of violence spilling across the border.

El Paso County sheriff’s officials said the rancher, whose identity has not been released, alleged the two men were trespassing on his land when he shot them.

After wounding the men, the rancher reportedly loaded them into a minivan and drove them about 20 miles to a fire station in Fabens, El Paso County sheriff’s officials said. The men were then taken to a hospital.


Channel 9-KTSM reported that it interviewed one of the men who was shot.

It reported that Norangel Velez and his father were going to look at land to buy when the rancher drove up and fired at them.

“‘Get down, get down, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you.’ That’s all he ever said; he never said anything else but that,” Velez told the television station.

“He never said freeze, he never gave us a warning, he never came out in front of us and say what we’re doing here, just boom, boom boom.”

Velez told KTSM he was shot once and his father was shot three times after his father jumped on top of him and saved his life.

“What (the rancher) did was wrong, and the only reason he shot was because we were Hispanic,” Velez told a reporter. “It’s the only reason he shot. He thought we were immigrants. I’ve lived here all my life.”


The author of that article did not know it at the time, but the two men who were shot are American citizens.

West also lost a civil rights case in court, although he says he won because no damages were awarded.

A federal court jury found Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West violated the rights of an El Paso police officer by unlawfully detaining him in 2008.

The same jury also determined no damages were incurred by the encounter, which took place after West became angry when learning Officer Michael Short and three other El Paso police officers were in Fort Hancock on a drug smuggling investigation West didn’t know about. Jurors reached their verdict Wednesday afternoon after listening to closing arguments that morning in Senior U.S. District Judge David Briones’ court.


I’m not surprised at all to see West working with O’Keefe. He’ll do anything to get into the headlines.

Movie star Steven Seagal, who made a career with bone-breaking, barroom-clearing, butt-kicking action movies, is now a deputy with the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office.

Seagal was sworn in last week by Sheriff Arvin West after Seagal contacted West’s office in August about working on the Mexican border in Hudspeth County, sheriff officials said.

Deputy Chief Seagal is scheduled to start work at the end of the year or early in the new year, said Gary “Rusty” Fleming, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.


After an initial training phase, Seagal will be given a sector to patrol in the sparsely populated county east of El Paso, Fleming said. Seagal is also expected to give classes on martial arts and police techniques to law enforce ment officers.

“It became very clear to me that Mr. Seagal is not in this for his celebrity or publicity,” West said in a statement. “He’s like the rest of us that live down here - he has a sincere passion for his country and he wants to do more to help. Mr. Seagal brings a wealth of tactical experience and dedication as a peace officer. I believe he’ll make a significant contribution to this office and to our community.”


9 Ace-o-aces  Aug 11, 2014 11:31:15am
Seagal is also expected to give classes on martial arts and police techniques to law enforcement officers.

Looking at that photo, I gotta ask, which martial art would he be teaching? Sumo?

10 ObserverArt  Aug 11, 2014 11:35:39am

re: #9 Ace-o-aces

Looking at that photo, I gotta ask, which martial art would he be teaching? Sumo?

Naw…you just have to wait until the pregnancy is over.

11 wrenchwench  Aug 11, 2014 11:42:48am

More about the actual crossings:

That footbridge has been in the news since at least 2006. From a CNN transcript:

CHIEF DEPUTY MIKE DOYAL, HUDSPETH COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT: Just an open footway traffic for people coming across.

ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Doyal shows us one of the four unguarded foot bridges that connect Fort Hancock, Texas, to Mexico.

DOYAL: Prior to our arrival, anyone that wanted to go up across there, was free to do so.

LAVANDERA: Border Patrol agents make daily patrols through town, but every day people cross to work and even go to school, skipping past the official checkpoints.

DOYAL: And those are not the people that we have a problem with, because I’m going to make it real clear that some of those people on the other side are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet in your life.


Now, if you look at Google Maps and zoom in on the border at Hudspeth County, There can only be one place where it’s a six mile walk to I-10. I can’t pinpoint the spot, but if you leave El Paso on I-10 driving east, you parallel the border much more closely than six miles well into Hudspeth County. Fort Hancock, where the foot bridges are, is about 54 mile from El Paso. The place where the distance to I-10 starts to increase is about 64 miles. It came up as ‘Esperanza Cutoff’ on my google search. Somewhere just a few more miles east has to be where O’Keefe was, if he isn’t just lying about the whole thing [have to allow for that possibility].

If you zoom in on that area near the border, you’ll see several small water channels completely within the US. He could have walked across any of those.

If he really did cross into Mexico and back, he violated the laws of both countries.

12 ObserverArt  Aug 11, 2014 11:58:32am

Good digging wrenchwench.

13 aagcobb  Aug 11, 2014 12:00:02pm

Small government conservative wants to hermetically seal a 2,000 mile border. Say what!?

14 ausador  Aug 11, 2014 12:00:06pm
James O’Keefe - as Osama Bin Laden - Crosses Back and Forth Across Rio Grande

Too bad one of the “militia patrols” wasn’t around, that could have made the video worth watching. ;)


15 wrenchwench  Aug 11, 2014 12:04:42pm

re: #12 ObserverArt

Good digging wrenchwench.

Thanks, but I was just rifling through my old files.

873 posts in 35 pages

16 Amory Blaine  Aug 11, 2014 12:18:02pm

Ha ha!!! Is this what passes as hard-hitting conservative journalism?!?!

17 Kragar  Aug 11, 2014 12:52:11pm

“This is Mexico”

Prove it.

I literally do not trust a single thing shitstain has to say. For all we know, we could have been playing in sewage run off in Oklahoma.

18 Decatur Deb  Aug 11, 2014 1:45:16pm

If the Mexican border patrol submits charges and an extradition request, we should honor it.

19 The Ghost of a Flea  Aug 11, 2014 4:01:41pm
This video is humiliating politicians into action. American can no longer accept that there isn’t an illegal immigration crisis and that the border is secure.

To complete this investigation, Project Veritas spent over $74,242 in legal fees, investigators salaries, and travel expenses.

We are now BEHIND in our 2014 election investigations. Please help me replace these funds. Our entire 2014 election plan depends on it.

Giant scam is giant, scammy.

And the sheriff he interviews is a wingnut grifting dollars by playing at security theater.

ETA: and shockingly, into violating people’s civil rights.

20 DodgerFan1988  Aug 11, 2014 4:02:05pm

Classic right wing tactic of comparing hispanic migrants to Islamic terrorists.

21 JEA62  Aug 11, 2014 5:40:48pm

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll be shot by a border agent.

22 Skip Intro  Aug 11, 2014 5:57:23pm

re: #9 Ace-o-aces

Looking at that photo, I gotta ask, which martial art would he be teaching? Sumo?

Maybe he’s going to play Kim Jong Un’s dad in an O’Keefe Productions bio-pic.

23 Shiplord Kirel  Aug 11, 2014 7:57:27pm

Epic indeed. This is derp-sign the like of which even God has never seen.

24 Egregious Philbin  Aug 11, 2014 9:23:57pm

If he accidentally was shot by some patriot group of freemen guarding the border…I’d laugh heartily.

25 Ace-o-aces  Aug 12, 2014 8:51:33am
To complete this investigation, Project Veritas spent over $74,242 in legal fees, investigators salaries, and travel expenses.

Let’s break that down:
Legal “fees” (called a lawyer to make sure he wasn’t breaking his parole):$50
Travel expenses (plane ticket, rental care, hotel room):$500
Bin Laden costume: $30
O’keef’s “salary”: $73662

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