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1 steve_davis  Oct 26, 2014 4:46:02pm

just having real issues with the series now. Capaldi is outstanding. The plots mostly suck ass. I love the whole idea of space opera, but “the moon is an egg” is just rubbish as a plot device, as is “the trees grew to protect us from a massive solar discharge.” Reversing polarity is fine. Childish bullshit just really is grating.

2 The War TARDIS  Oct 26, 2014 9:24:18pm

Most of the series has been awesome.

Just those 2 episodes. The last one was written by a well known Children’s author in the UK. This should remain his only contribution to Who.

I seriously think that, if you are going to have episodes like this that center around children, they should have tried to get Rowling.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, consider this. She set up her own rules in the Potterverse, and stuck with them. She would be much more like the fit in the really, really damn broad guidelines that you can use in Doctor Who.

As for Kill the moon, the emotional and personal plot was great. The setting and plot behind the one of the characters was awful and could have been used in a million other situations.

3 The War TARDIS  Oct 26, 2014 9:29:22pm

Also, to throw even more monkey wrenches in this, we have this little bit. From a Q&A session at the Armageddon Auckland panel:

Question: There was a lovely scene at the end of Mummy on the Orient Express when your on the phone to Danny Pink, and she says very loudly, deliberately, “I Love You. Were you saying that to Danny or the Doctor?

Jenna’s Answer: To the Doctor.

Crowd: Awwww.

This will be added to the article, if possible.

4 KiTA  Oct 27, 2014 12:50:12am

I will be very very glad when Clara is no longer on the show. I just… everything about her went too fast, she went from a complete unknown to the Doctor’s most important special friend ever in 1 or 2 episodes. Yeah ok sure.

I heard a theory that Clara was actually supposed to be Amy — that the events of Amy and Rory’s departure would have been different if she had been willing to stay on the show. This would make certain things like that godawful corny leaf episode make a lot more sense.

Some of these episodes have gone really too fast, and just… I dunno. Capaldi is really great, although his early episodes this series were completely off the rails. I think he’s settled into the role, now he just needs some episodes written for him that don’t make me want to roll my eyes.

5 sizzzzlerz  Oct 27, 2014 6:22:10am

As a newbie Who fan beginning with the series reboot, I must say that this has been a very disappointing season, worst of the 7 or 8 over that time. I initially didn’t really care for Capaldi but he has grown into the role over the last several episodes. Unfortunately, the episodes have been dreck. This last one has got to be the worst of the bunch. I’ll continue to watch through the end of the season but the writing has to step it up next season or I’m done.

6 The War TARDIS  Oct 27, 2014 7:46:24am

I think this has been a great season, just with 2 alarming bad episodes (Kill the Moon, and In the Forest of Night), and one slightly awkward one (The Caretaker). The rest have been fantastic.

As for Clara and the Doctor becoming too close too fast, I do want to note that the relationship started off strange. The Doctor saw her die twice, and became obsessed with why, especially as her saw her as special because of the Victorian Clara in The Snowman. Because of this, he was so readily able to accept her, and then went immediately started trying to impress her. He did.

The Doctor was already obsessed with her when he meant the real Clara, Clara Prime or Clara 0, as I will call her.

7 Targetpractice  Oct 27, 2014 9:35:58am

I had high hopes for this series, starting with “Deep Breath” and moving into “Listen.” I’d hoped for something resembling Donna’s run in Series 4 or, if I had to settle for less, than at least Amy and Rory’s run in Series 6 with Danny brought along. But no, instead I got the runty offspring of Series 7.5, the rather obvious attempt by Moffat to make Clara interesting now that the mystery of her story arc had been solved and all that was left was a rather uninteresting character.

And that’s really the whole character of Clara Oswald in a nutshell: She’s nothing without the Doctor. This entire season has been about showing she’s a person when he’s not around, but that’s been buried under the storyline that reads like a bad breakup, complete with Danny as the rebound boyfriend. She spent Series 7.5 being the reason he’s still alive and now she’s stuck being his morality pet for no other reason than because Moffat seems determined to give her some grand send-off. Or at least I hope that’s the intent with the finale, because if it’s not, then he’s going to have a lot of angry fans with torches and pitchforks at his front door in two weeks.

If Clara does stick around for another series, I’m not sure I’ll continue watching the show. We desperately need another Donna, someone who comes onto the show without the emotional baggage and can treat the Doctor as a friend rather than an ex-boyfriend. This series is a loss, but there’s still potential in Capaldi’s Doctor and it would be a waste to spoil it dealing with Smith’s leftovers.

8 Vogon Poetry  Oct 29, 2014 7:05:09am

The last two episodes have a lot to do with the original nature of the show- it was meant for kids. Scary stories and uplifting ones, but for kids nonetheless.

In that respect, they succeeded, particularly when the takeaway message was to listen to your kids and take what they say seriously. It can be life-changing for both the adult and the child (and it was a not-too-subtle dig at overmedicating kids who don’t think like everyone else).

Capaldi has settled into the role, and I can’t help but think that there’s some connection between what’s going on and the Day of the Doctor (since Osgood - the woman with the nebulizer) is shown. We know that there are shapeshifters in the Whovian universe, so this could be one of those events - and there isn’t any easy way to tell them apart, so this Clara is probably one of Zygons.

I’m still not sure who Missy is, but I really don’t think she’s related to the Master. Due to the showing of the Cybermen, I’m thinking it might actually be an echo of Miss Hartigan.

9 Shvaughn  Oct 31, 2014 12:03:51am

Capaldi is great but this season has been terrible.

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