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1 Eclectic Cyborg  Jan 10, 2015 6:57:12pm
Progressive voices in the Anglosphere have interpreted the magazine as a bastion of racism, classism, and homophobia, without seeking to understand its context.

This statement is in there twice.

With regards to the content, I agree. There’s a been a lot of assumptions and commentary made on the general assumption that left wing and right wing politics in France are roughly analogous to left wing/right wing politics in the United states when both are very, VERY different creatures.

2 The Vicious Babushka  Jan 10, 2015 7:20:05pm

We have to understand that the massacre at Charlie Hebdo was a targeted assassination. It was an act of terrorism but not an act of random terrorism. That is why saying “We are all Charlie” is essentially a meaningless slogan.

3 Prof. Backpfeifengesicht, PhD  Jan 10, 2015 8:05:00pm

A very nice piece. I will take exception to this though:

This is before we even consider the very important question of whether representing the prophet Mohammed in any form is needlessly antagonistic towards Sunni Muslims

As far as I’m concerned, this question (unlike the question of overtly insulting images) is not actually very important and doesn’t merit a seconds’ thought. It’s just me though.

4 Skandal  Jan 10, 2015 10:22:03pm

re: #3 Prof. Backpfeifengesicht, PhD

Hitchens expressed a similar sentiment in February 2006:

Cartoon Debate
The case for mocking religion.

5 Prof. Backpfeifengesicht, PhD  Jan 11, 2015 6:19:05am

re: #4 Skandal

There is a difference between intentionally insulting someone (like CH did) and simply doing something neutral without caring about whether it also offends someone. I will obviously defend (and do) both, but the difference is very big. Just as an example, if I write a historical text about Islam-related topics, I don’t have to think twice before inserting a historical image of Muhammad in the text. If someone objects to this absolutely innocent, neutral and legitimate act, fuck’em. Just as well I wouldn’t hesitate even for a second before writing “humans evolved from ape-like animals”, just because it insults so many creationists.
Demanding that I pay attention to wholly irrational demands is insulting in itself. And even if it weren’t, shouldn’t it work both ways?

6 Snarknado!  Jan 11, 2015 12:20:08pm

re: #3 Prof. Backpfeifengesicht, PhD

As far as I know, the question of images in Islam isn’t settled even among Sunnis (and the Saudi brand of conservatism that abhors it is Wahhabi not Sunni anyway). Plenty of Muslim art from earlier periods includes images of prophets.

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