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1 No Country For Old Haters  Apr 24, 2015 12:04:34pm

I suspect that most to all “intelligent” life wipes itself out. We managed not to do it with nukes, but once we’re at the point where anyone can build a virus in their workshop, it’s game over. All it takes is one lunatic.

2 Thanos  Apr 24, 2015 12:27:44pm

Of all the Fermi Paradox theories (and there are many) the one most likely is that we are shunned and they hide from us because as a civilization we are too damned ugly.

3 Thanos  Apr 24, 2015 12:28:15pm
4 Ace-o-aces  Apr 24, 2015 12:55:35pm

I like the theory that we are one of the fist intelligent species to arise. Why? Because it means WE ARE THE OLD ONES! Suck it Lovecraft!

5 Drive By Commenter  Apr 24, 2015 1:46:15pm

We search for the perfect beach, as that should be where life would be. Hospitable, with ample sun and air and….carbon? At the bottom of our own oceans are creatures that exist on what would kill us. Who is to say life elsewhere is carbon based? Oxygen dependent? Even needing water? We are still children looking for a mirror image. In this reality life feeds upon life. Life must eat life to survive. What if….
When I look skyward on a starry night, I know that all that cannot be empty. Devoid. Sterile. No. Impossible.

6 philosophus invidius  Apr 24, 2015 2:39:53pm

Somehow I cannot bring myself to believe that there is an alien civilization, or even life, somewhere else.

The argument that there must be some such thing in the universe is an old one:

if there is so great a store of seeds [i.e., atoms] as the whole life of living things could not number, and if the same force and nature abides which could throw together the seeds of things, each into their place in like manner as they are thrown together here, it must needs be that you confess that there are other worlds in other regions, and diverse races of men and tribes of wild beasts.

7 scottslemmons  Apr 24, 2015 5:01:29pm

One of my favorite things about the recent “Cosmos” miniseries was the repeated emphasis on the fact that the universe is, to us, impossibly vast and impossibly old, and we’ve been around for a very, very small amount of time, on the cosmic scale — so there may have been intelligent life forms somewhere out there, but they could’ve existed long ago and very, very far away. If they didn’t die off billions of years ago, then they live so far away, we’ll never meet them.

In a way, that depresses the hell out of me. In another way, it’s kinda exhilarating.

8 RadicalModerate  Apr 24, 2015 5:16:09pm

Even though there are some holes in it due a lack of data, I like to refer to the Drake Equation when discussing possible extraterrestrial life.

For what it’s worth, one of the most important missing pieces had previously been the lack of discovered extra-solar planets, especially those that would be considered “Goldilocks zone” planets. We now know from observations of nearby stars that match closely with our sun, that those type of planets are not at all uncommon.

9 CriticalDragon1177  Apr 24, 2015 7:00:02pm


Its actually kind of scary if we’re the only ones out there. It might mean that we’re destined to destroy ourselves soon, and they’ll be no one for us to learn from. Sure we would have ample reason to be afraid if we found an alien civilization that was far in advance of us, spanning multiple star systems, but at least than we would know that humans could survive to become a space fairing species.

Anyway, I’m no scientist, and I probably know far less about this than the guy who wrote the scientific American article, but it seems to me, that we really can’t know right now if there aren’t any large scale alien civilizations out there right now, even if we haven’t detected them. At this very moment on the other side of the milky way galaxy, an advanced alien civilization could be constructing its first Dyson sphere’s and we would have no way to detect them since even light doesn’t travel fast enough for it to reach us within the lifetime of anyone alive on the planet today. Even our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will all be dead long before the light currently on the other side of the Milky way reaches us, and that’s just our galaxy. I don’t know, maybe even the oldest large scale alien civilization is too recent and too far away for us to be able to detect them right now.

10 The War TARDIS  Apr 24, 2015 8:51:28pm

re: #9 CriticalDragon1177

Or, let’s be more optimistic.

Perhaps any hypothetical extraterrestrials only make themselves known after a species passes a certain technological threshold. This would especially be true if FTL Travel is possible.

Or, FTL is impossible, and because of distances, we simply can’t find them.

11 Varek Raith  Apr 24, 2015 11:32:18pm

A Type III is not something that would be everywhere in the Universe. There may be none or only a handful.

Hell, we aren’t even a Type I.

12 Thanos  Apr 25, 2015 3:42:09am

Kardashev I > Kardashian

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