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1 EiMitch  May 1, 2015 12:31:19pm

“We care about the constitution so much that we wipe our asses with the 1st amendment.”

Is there anyone left with the nerve to publicly call out this bs without dressing it up as “comedy” on late night cable?

2 sizzzzlerz  May 1, 2015 12:59:28pm

Is there anyone still so naive and/or stupid to not be totally clear as to where the GOP is headed?

3 Drive By Commenter  May 1, 2015 1:27:41pm

re: #2 sizzzzlerz

Is there anyone still so naive and/or stupid to not be totally clear as to where the GOP is headed?

Yes. Bunches.

4 SteelPH  May 1, 2015 1:47:06pm

Great. We’ll start with The Bell Curve.

5 EiMitch  May 1, 2015 4:03:09pm

re: #2 sizzzzlerz

Is there anyone still so naive and/or stupid to not be totally clear as to where the GOP is headed?

re: #3 Drive By Commenter

Yes. Bunches.

My own father is in denial of how extreme the GOP has become, even as he echoes much of the extremist rhetoric himself. A decade ago, he would’ve labeled this crap the extremism it is. Yet, he now espouses it himself, willfully ignorant of the irony even after I’ve tried to spell it out for him. All that matters to him in politics now is fitting into his group and demonizing “teh emeny.”

For example, he used to understand why unions were necessary, albeit with mixed feelings due to corruption scandals. Now, he labels all unions corrupt and cheers on union-busting, red state governors. He used to understand the importance of environmental protections. Now he denies human activity causes climate change.

The worst part of it for me is that I used to be that kind of RW extremist, back before it was “cool” within the GOP. I woke up not long before I noticed my father got sucked into it. Then again, he may have already been that way while I was still rubbing the crust from my eyes. Either way, I feel like I’ve helped push him into that direction. My efforts to try to talk sense to him are currently rebuffed with accusations of “drinking the kool-aid.” It doesn’t matter to him that we’ve switched places, that he’s the extremist and I’m the centrist. Well, maybe not quite centrist, but you can guess what I mean.

My point is, don’t assume what’s obvious to you about this ugliness is obvious to everyone. Denial is a very powerful thing. I know this, inside and out.

But, don’t give-up on reasoning with wingnuts long term. Yeah, they’re brick walls now, but seeds of doubt can grow big enough to crack the walls open. It just takes years. Arguably too many years, especially regarding climate change. Again, I know first-hand.

6 CriticalDragon1177  May 1, 2015 5:57:32pm


Has he heard of a little something called “The First Amendment?”

7 Drive By Commenter  May 1, 2015 6:44:02pm

re: #5 EiMitch

If ever there was a line in a song that nails it…”I once was among the crowd you’re in with” is it. I swallowed the pill after I got comfortable. Forgot all that came before. Ignored my past. Got bitch slapped into reality once the wall of ignorance became to tall to ignore. I never was that fucking ignorant, I choose to view something in what I thought was another light. Wrong. There is no light. Only darkness and duplicity. I tasted just what you did, and regret ever voting for a Republican to this hour. I got lazy. I forgot who I truly am. I care and I am a human being. Your Pop is listening to the machine that never stops. One corrupt cop means all cops are corrupt, right? Sure. That’s the paint brush. I’m fucking amazed at the lack of comprehension of what came before to far too many folks. COAL AND UNIONS

8 EiMitch  May 1, 2015 8:20:30pm

re: #7 Drive By Commenter

I haven’t given-up on my pop. He’s been an atheist for decades, so there’s been some cognitive dissonance right off the bat. Also, it’s getting (just a little) harder for him to swallow the RW machine’s spin about how there is no widespread police brutality problem. The seed of doubt is in there.

The effed-up culture and ideology of wingnuts wasn’t created nor entrenched in a day. It took long term persistence, and complacency among it’s opponents, to grow into the moral and intellectual cancer it is today. And it’ll take an equal or greater persistence to put it back in it’s place in the fringes and keep it there.

And before anyone says it, yeah I’d rather stamp it out completely too. But we both know that’ll never happen. Bad ideas don’t die, they just go back into hiding. Hence the need for eternal vigilance.

As for music, I kinda had a song in mind as well in a similar context as yours. But my ISP isn’t getting along with youtube atm. So I can’t link it, and I’m also hesitant to search for yours on wikiquote. Maybe another time.

9 FemNaziBitch  May 1, 2015 8:33:33pm

Shameless Pages Post:

You have to be carefully taught

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