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MFinn3333  Oct 20, 2015 • 1:36:56pm

Wait… You thought it wasn’t worthless before that?

Their opinion section has always been completely insane. They were screaming about inflation in 2009.

CuriousLurker  Oct 20, 2015 • 2:33:31pm

re: #1 MFinn3333

Wait… Did you miss the part where I mentioned News Corp., which acquired it in 2007?

Is that all you have to contribute?

Patricia Kayden  Oct 20, 2015 • 4:31:32pm

This is scary but to be honest haven’t Europeans always been xenophobic? They have no problem going into and taking over other people’s countries but always get their dander up when non-White people immigrate to their countries (to live peacefully by the way).

Not surprised at all that WSJ is giving space to out-and-out racists who are no different than the average Tea Bagger.

MFinn3333  Oct 20, 2015 • 4:38:11pm

re: #2 CuriousLurker

I was being sarcastic but it didn’t really come out that way. I wasn’t accusing you of anything and I apologize to you.

CuriousLurker  Oct 20, 2015 • 4:47:26pm

re: #4 MFinn3333

I was being sarcastic but it didn’t really come out that way. I wasn’t accusing you of anything and I apologize to you.

No harm, no foul. We don’t know each other so it’s kinda hard to tell sometimes.

freetoken  Oct 20, 2015 • 8:46:20pm

Of course Murdoch publishes right-wing nationalistic ideologues. That what he does.

And the current migration wave is going to feed the fears of the xenophobes quite strongly, as we’ve seen in reports from Europe.

This is a global problem that will become very pronounced at times during this century and next, as large population displacements occur. I fully expect the next big wars to arise because of this.

wrenchwench  Oct 21, 2015 • 10:01:29am

Seeing the European reaction to the Syrian refugees has been an eyeopener.

Angela Merkel sounds good at home, but then she goes to Turkey to entice them to join the European Union so they can help shut the door there to the refugees.

b_sharp  Oct 21, 2015 • 11:22:41am

There’s a human tendency to blame the opposing ideology when there are social problems at home. Much of the social changes and in my eyes, realistic improvements in social structure, has been at the hands of left wing ideology. The right has been pushing back against this for a while, first silently or within their own information bubbles, but increasingly quite openly. Part of that has to do with the election of Obama in the US and the resultant new found white wing courage to complain and vilify non-whites. This has given the European anti-diversity goons the courage to vocalize and to cash in on the other human tendency of leaning farther right because of fear. Induce fear in a population and it will move toward conservatism. In this case the conservatism is blatant division of people into them and us groups.

Don’t expect it to end any time soon. With AGW/CC moving in we’ll see more problems with large scale migration of people that countries are ill equipped to deal with and that unpreparedness will increase the fear quotient.

Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)  Oct 21, 2015 • 12:03:30pm

I would like to point out that at least in Germany, most of the outrage is directed at the politicians, who failed to predict or prepare for a crisis of this magnitude, but not at the refugees themselves.

Our friends just put on a benefit concert to help fund a Christmas dinner for the homeless in Frankfurt, which has been an annual event for years now, but due to the refugee crisis, the resources left to care for the native homeless are meager to nonexistent.

CuriousLurker  Oct 21, 2015 • 2:01:33pm

re: #8 b_sharp

LOL—white wing—that cracked me up.

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