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The Vicious Babushka  Apr 18, 2016 • 6:34:49pm

I mean srsly? Do people even realize how long they had to hold still for a photo in those days? Do they really think that’s a “candid” photo?

I can believe that’s what these dumbasses actually think.

I remember debunking this stupid shit on Usenet 20 years ago.

John Vreeland  Apr 19, 2016 • 9:57:25am

Considering that opposition to arming slaves was rabid in the Confederate administration, uh, right. They weren’t idiots, their entire argument for existence relied on the notion that Africans were incapable of being good soldiers, and the idea of armed slaves kept them up at night.

nines09  Apr 20, 2016 • 6:37:22am

It’s a photo. One. I’ve seen like minded people hold this up as proof that not all the slave owners were bad and that some slaves actually liked being….slaves. If it was not “staged” or “fake” maybe a friendship between the two was the reason. But at the end of the day, the black man was still a slave, could be sold, traded, or even murdered should the master feel that was necessary. I know a few apologists who “just don’t understand” all the uproar about “a part of some folks heritage” being flown. “It’s just a flag.” Yes. Just an inanimate object that stood for an insurrection trying to rip this nation asunder because that big bad federal goverment didn’t like the idea that one man could have absolute ownership over another based on skin color. I tell them it must have been a wonderful life. Being housed and clothed, fed even. And I’m sure the work days were filled with song and dance. So what if your wife was chosen for you. And then sold away. And your children sold. Maybe you were slowing down and master decides to sell you to a not so nice master. Or maybe you displease master and master must make an example of you. Then I ask where was their uproar at the KKK flying their “heritage” as they murdered and burned? I didn’t hear anyone screaming, “Hey! That’s my HERITAGE!” Yep. Quite a few battle rags fly around here in central Pennsyltucky. Some even have Tea Bag flags beside them. Or assault weapons on them with “Come and get it” printed on them. Ah. Heritage. See? One photo can tell you so much. In my travels in the 70’ and 80’s, I’ve been witness to that “Heritage”, and even being white, well I’m from the “north”, and in some parts that is almost as bad as being an uppity “you know”….

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