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Great White Snark  Sep 10, 2016 • 8:49:00am

In no way do I mean to say guns are the best option for any person reading. They are not for most. It’s a hard personal choice with all kinds of implications.

CuriousLurker  Sep 10, 2016 • 12:56:22pm

I’m fine with them exercising their right to bear arms and protect themselves, and I’m glad they’re getting training, but what bothers me is the “T-shirt sporting a rainbow-colored AK-47” because it lends a sort of… Gah! I can’t find the words I’m looking for… I guess what I mean is it makes a militant statement, immediately reminiscent (to me) of the Hezbollah & Revolutionary Guards logos with their assault rifles.

Images like that create a kind of cognitive dissonance for me—i.e. the rainbow ceases being a positive symbol of pride & diversity and becomes… something darker, negative, something I can’t get behind at all.

Imagine this, if you will: There have been several attacks on Muslims lately—some deadly, some not—but women in hijab seem to be a favorite target, whether that’s because their choice to wear it is seen as somehow aggressive or insulting, or whether it’s simply because the scarf makes them the most easily identifiable targets for bigots. Bear with me here.

Muslim women in America enjoy 2A rights just like everyone else, this is undeniable. So what if we started taking training and carrying (open or otherwise) and wearing t-shirts with AR-15’s on them? Or how about a headscarf with an AR-15 silhouette?1 How long do you suppose it would be before the “patriots” who claim love of our Constitution and especially the 2A started howling for Muslims to be excluded? I’m gonna guess not very long.

1. Yes, I know an AR-15 isn’t technically an assault rifle like an M16 or AK-47 because it’s not fully automatic, but it can still do a hell of a lot of damage and looks pretty intimidating. My point being that Muslim women would suddenly be seen as dangerously militant and aggressive, even if they weren’t doing anything different than gun advocates are (esp. the open carry types), like going to the grocery store or whatever.

Great White Snark  Sep 10, 2016 • 1:13:05pm

re: #2 CuriousLurker

The no fly list connection to gun purchase denial was the first attempt. I agree they should not use imagery like that. OTOH everybody else seems to get away with whatever they want in that regard. :-) But yes, those of us with the guns and training or are a minority or some ethnicity must be that extra bit more subdued about who we are and what we do, if for no other reason than to avoid obvious criticisms.

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