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Rocky-in-Connecticut  Nov 9, 2016 • 1:26:09pm

The only real thing to regain traditional Democrat Republicans is to ignore any sort of racial justice or equality rhetoric altogether. Sad but true. There is a substantial percentage of populist voters who would lean Democrat if we had an old-style FDR Democrat to elect who didn’t complicate or bother their lives with racial equality nonsense.

We need FDR. What we had with H Clinton as viewed by Trump’s America was a Wall Street banker in a pantsuit.

Racism does exist deeply in America. But trying to fight it with a top down approach simply does not work as we just saw. The reaction has been staggering for the past few years all over FB, Reddit, and the alt-right hatestorm… constant racial memes and bigotry for all to see. It does not matter to them. There is no shame in it. This portion of America has made eh decision to ignore any sort of racial rhetoric and concentrate on the one thing they do care about- they want their higher paying jobs back.

EiMitch  Nov 9, 2016 • 2:44:32pm

I cannot agree with the first bullet point strategy. Not only does it explicitly consist of cutting our noses off for spite, it also relies on the public’s ignorance. It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Because any attempt to game the darkness to our advantage will be short-term and fickle. In fact, any strategy that trades away long-term credibility for short-term talking points rubs me the wrong way. And that also applies at least partially to the fifth bullet point.

I said “partially” because I predict there will be lots of terrible things for which Trump and the neo-Republicans will deserve blame. There will be no need to blame them for hangnails & molehills. They’re going to screw us for real. I’m not of the “death before dishonor” school-of-thought, but we need to keep at least a modicum of dignity. When the time comes, (and it’ll come more than once) we’ll need to be credible enough to say “I told you so.” We’ll need to remember how to be rational and coherent when it’s time to convince everyone else that we can pick up the pieces.

As for a change in democrat leadership, and being relentless in holding the media’s feet to the fire, I say abso-bloody-lutely. Pressure state branches of the democratic party to make their party nomination process more transparent and, ahem, democratic. Create a new wave of democrats: an empowered grassroots upheaval who are relentless with messaging like the Tea Parties were in 2010 and Fox Noise has been for over the last decade & half. In that respect, we absolutely do need to fight fire with fire. I’ve believed as such back in 2012 & 2014. I hope liberals will be more receptive of this idea now.

Edit: oh, and if anyone is worried that the resources don’t exist to create a “counter-tea-party”, don’t be. Considering how the stock market has reacted to Trump’s victory, I’m quite sure there will be plenty of deep pockets who have little confidence in the democratic party as is, and therefore can be convinced to back such an insurgency.

Chrysicat  Nov 10, 2016 • 4:12:11am

re: #1 Rocky-in-Connecticut

Yeeeah, very much not> an option. We (speaking here as a white person) threw the great-great-grandparents of today’s middle-aged PoC and especially Black people under the bus and that generation’s grandchildren were the first to regain equality. As a result of outward subservience having been beaten into them since they were fetuses, they were less violent and perhaps more conciliatory when doing so than they had any right to be.

Jim Crow will be back in place as soon as Trump gets his second Clarence Thomas clone confirmed to SCOTUS, but this time it will be specifically codifying white minority rule, as the country will be majority-PoC (though admittedly still with a plurality of white people until at least he 30s) by the ‘22 elections unless Trumpkins succeed in their ethnic cleansing. Minority rule won’t last even the entire lifetime of the average 40-year-old before the rest of the world manages to force free elections; look at how little time it took to integrate South Africa once neither superpower was standing up for minority rule there.

And that means that, as long as PoC maintain a voting bloc rather than allowing themselves to be splintered by specific ethnicity, the people who remember being raised legally equal and then reduced to de-jure third-class citizens will still be in control of their identity group.

If white Dems have been colluding in not rocking the racist boat with the Teas, or for that matter, if for any reason the Crow laws are still on the books when majority rule is restored, then the best case for any of their children is that their chickens will really have come home to roost, because you/they/we will have created a generation of PoC who are nearly all committed to full racial justice. And once we’d all been complicit in that, full racial justice would mean having our rights reduced to what we’d left them with.

Well, what you had, anyway. I’ll be unllikely to see it even if I’m only 40, because I’m also trans- and disabled. But yeah, please, go ahead and try to appeal to economic-liberal Deplorables. You’ll all get exactly what you deserve for actively betraying the PoC for the second time in 140 years.

Bass Reeves  Nov 10, 2016 • 5:27:16pm

re: #1 Rocky-in-Connecticut

This ignores that the only guarantee of civil rights for minorities in this country historically comes from the Federal Government. Why the fuck do y’all think we even bother to vote Democrat in the first place? PLEASE throw that away. PLEASE back all PoC into a corner where they have no hope of parity in this country.

EiMitch  Nov 11, 2016 • 5:37:11pm

re: #4 Bass Reeves

Most people who voted Trump in rural communities don’t think their PoC will be negatively affect, just those urban “ganstas” or whatever. They don’t care about the problems of distant strangers, when they’re facing chronic unemployment and subsequent epidemics of addiction and suicide.

And don’t be so judgemental over their callous indifference. For we’ve been guilty of downplaying, rationalizing, and ignoring civilian casualties of drone strikes and the expansion of NSA mass surveillance during the Obama administration. And we did it for the same reason swing voters excused Trump’s bigotry: for the “greater good.”

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