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Rocky-in-Connecticut  Nov 10, 2016 • 9:28:12am

Useless in the near term and in the long. This election has been a light bulb above the heads of those wanting real change to occur NOW.

Trump won this election by latching onto the working class reality of stagnation due to manufacturing, farming, and mining being offshored due to both Republican and Democrat elite business interests during the 1970’s, 80’s, and into 90’s. Administration after administration pushed through Free Trade agreements that indeed promoted capitalism worldwide- and just as predicted by Democrats and Socialists at the time, and resulting in the current blue collar mood and reality today. We have entire generations in this country totally unpreprared for modern business and manufacturing competitiveness by their own choosing- they want the old jobs back. The only way to win their hearrts again is to actually do it.

Democrats abandoned the working class by not blocking Free Trade agreements, by not pushing for tariffs, by all in fear of losing elections to Republicans who pushed all their chips into offshoring all these jobs in order the purposely break up the Trade Unions and solidify their increasing hold on White America. It worked perfectly, and to top it off, voters blame Democrats more than Republicans for all this offshoring. Laughs aplenty. The Dems have been played for fools all along. Establishment Republicans are not laughing either BTW. The days of the moderate Republican are OVER. You have to be all-in with the populist-guided, government regulating manufacturing quotas, regulated trade agreements quasi-socialist Tea Party Reality in order to win elections now. You know- traditional Democrat territory. The Party of the Working Class.

In order to start winning again, Democrats will have to fundamentally change their priorities and drop Race equality as a top-tier concern. All rhetoric must concentrate on re-claiming the working class mantel once again not by setting up Trade Barriers, Tariff quotas, and reasonable price controls once the inevitable inflation kicks in. Quite frankly, the Black population did not turn out in 2016, and they will pay for it. This is election reality. You must turn out the vote and earn your priority concerns on the ticket. Once Democrats get into office they can quietly manage and promote racial concerns for the longer term, but for now, re-claiming the Working Class vote must be priories 1,2, and 3. The working class just voted for Trade quotas, offshore manufacturing quotas, offshore tax haven reclamation, and job quality. I say Democrats give it to them. Not Trump’s Republicans. It’s time to take their vote back before it really is too late.

Chrysicat  Nov 10, 2016 • 9:47:50am

re: #1 Rocky-in-Connecticut

Sorry, Hotshot. It’s clear you think that we need a Fifth International, and that letting every targeted person, whether racially, religiously, or by sex or gender, and their unborn children, at least, as well end life not just as a second-class citizen BY LAW, but as third-class, is acceptable to you in your efforts to prevent a race to the bottom against China.

But not even a dictatorship of the proletariat will get everybody working again, because robots will hold enough jobs that there won’t be any work, even busywork, to assign to at least 20% of the population in 10 years.

And class-consciousness rightly is only an obsession, above equality, to a few remaining unreconstructed Marxists.

Thanos  Nov 10, 2016 • 11:44:44am

Sorry I disagree, the reason why Republicans continue to perform better than demographics allow is due to factors like EC disenfranchisement, district gerrymandering and etc. It will take a long time to fix but I refuse to surrender to your pessimism, it’s worth doing.

There are multiple factors in every election, your last century approach to economics and class being the only key is simplex and juvenile.

Rocky-in-Connecticut  Nov 10, 2016 • 11:53:02am

Simple, juvenile. And it will work.

Welcome to Politics.

Thanos  Nov 10, 2016 • 11:58:12am

re: #4 Rocky-in-Connecticut

No, it won’t. We disagree.

Thanos  Nov 10, 2016 • 12:14:56pm

Read some real facts

Thanos  Nov 10, 2016 • 12:16:25pm

There’s also a chart out there somewhere that breaks down Trump’s white vote by income, and it wasn’t the poor whites who turned out in droves to elect him. I know, real facts are something your dialectic allows you to ignore, but I can’t.

nines09  Nov 10, 2016 • 5:36:59pm

The cold reality is a hard rain is going to fall, and some folks are going to be hurt. I do not agree 100% with Jim all the time, but his writings are always on spot. Good points. Think of it as a fire that will burn us all, but could destroy the GOP. They have no one left to blame this time around. If the Democrats don’t fall on their swords, and the DNC can actually act as a fucking Commitee…..

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