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CriticalDragon1177  Nov 15, 2016 • 9:57:04pm

Here’s an update to this, it seems that Glenn Beck really does understand what’s going on here. I just wish he was less of loon when it came to other things.

However, I find it very hard to believe that Trump isn’t a racist, given so many of the things that he said and did, that he has yet to even pretend to repent for doing.

weave  Nov 16, 2016 • 4:10:47am

Beck said basically that now Breitbart is state-run media. Now there’s a scary thought. And people will trust them because the “mainstream media” are all corrupt and lie to them.

jsrtheta  Nov 16, 2016 • 11:21:50am

Beck’s previous (and probably continuing) lunacy aside, he has not been shy about reversals. He has previously acknowledged the validity of BLM. He has reversed himself on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

He should be listened to. We might need him more now.

nines09  Nov 16, 2016 • 1:33:59pm

re: #3 jsrtheta

People listening to people like Glenn Beck is what got the GOP and Trump to begin with. This guy has been a pimple on the ass of humanity forever. So he has a change of heart? I should listen to him? I HAVE listened to him as he morphed from a wannabe shock jock to a Tea Bag fanatic to full blown loon. He wants to get my attention, give MONEY to causes he used to piss all over. He wants to show me he changed? Great You have 4 years to denounce every invective filled trash bag of filth he spread all the place for the last, oh, what? 18 fcking years? Listen to him? No. PROVE IT TO ME. He’s got a lot of Karma needing shoved up his ass.

Rocky-in-Connecticut  Nov 16, 2016 • 3:40:38pm

Glen Beck’s agenda is Glenn Beck. Nothing more. The carnival barker personality disorder simply does not vanish and become a normal human being. He has his own angle at work.

bratwurst  Nov 16, 2016 • 6:46:00pm

re: #3 jsrtheta

Beck’s previous (and probably continuing) lunacy aside, he has not been shy about reversals. He has previously acknowledged the validity of BLM. He has reversed himself on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

He should be listened to. We might need him more now.

Oh please…the guy has called everyone he disliked a Nazi for more than a decade. Now he is finally calling someone a Nazi who actually IS a Nazi. The boy who cried wolf actually found himself a wolf!

Bannon has a history of being a significant business rival for Beck. That is 99.99% what this is about.

You listen to him if that is what floats your boat. As long as there are only 24 hours in a day, I will do my best listen to people who are correct more often than a broken clock.

nines09  Nov 16, 2016 • 9:10:43pm

re: #3 jsrtheta

Gee. Is this Glenn concerned or grifting?

Look. Glenn shedding tears for all the people who may lose health coverage, or be exposed to being denied for pre existing conditions, or losing Medicare or Medicaid. Oh. Wait. That was shedding tears over what the Kenyan Muslim Dictator was going to do to all us Americans. Have you considered gold? Fuck Glenn Beck.

CriticalDragon1177  Nov 17, 2016 • 8:13:31am

re: #3 jsrtheta

Beck’s previous (and probably continuing) lunacy aside, he has not been shy about reversals. He has previously acknowledged the validity of BLM. He has reversed himself on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

He should be listened to. We might need him more now.

Just because he happens to be right on this, doesn’t mean that he suddenly stop embracing other far right ideas or that he has stopped being a wacky conspiracy theorist. At the very least you should still take everything Glenn Beck says with a grain of salt, unless like with most of his statements so far on Bannon and the Alt Right, you can back them up with much more reliable sources. You shouldn’t believe anything based on the fact that Glenn Beck says it.

jsrtheta  Nov 17, 2016 • 9:34:36am

What I find ironic is that this website started out, IIRC, as a pretty righty place. I didn’t come here then, so I am only going off what I have read. But it seems the owner of this site came to change his views on a lot of things, something for which I respect him very much. So I have to wonder why, and why here, of all places, so many seem so intent on cutting Beck no slack.

I’m 64. I have been a Democrat since I was a kid and Kennedy ran. I voted in my first election in 1972, and it wasn’t for Nixon. I have worked on a number of national and local campaigns, albeit always as a volunteer. And in my life, I have seen people change their views and beliefs on a number of occasions. Sure, some people fake it. But some people do it for real, and I have to think that’s harder than starting out with one set of beliefs and changing them very little. Not that those beliefs are wrong. I happen to think often they were right, so no change was necessary. Still, I have known people who have made massive changes, and not just politically, but in they way they view themselves and in the way they live their lives. The way they treat others.

I have no idea if Beck is conning anyone now or not. I do know he has gone through a number of setbacks and is probably very stressed. Those circumstances can lead one to reexamine one’s entire worldview. Or simply prompt one to switch to another sort of grift. Point is, no one here knows what’s going on in Beck’s heart and head. But when someone expresses regret for previous positions, expresses the realization that he was wrong, then it seems the proper response is not to give him the back of one’s hand. It should be to cautiously encourage the apparent change.

If a person comes to you and expresses regret for past behavior, and says they are examining that behavior in a new light, the proper response is not to spit in his face. It is to thank him and watch to see what happens next.

CriticalDragon1177  Nov 17, 2016 • 10:30:20am

re: #9 jsrtheta

As soon as Beck abandons most if not all of his craziness, apologizes and admits how wrong he was, than I’ll agree with you, but until than my statements about him stand.

nines09  Nov 17, 2016 • 2:59:46pm

re: #9 jsrtheta

Words are one thing. Actions another. In Glenn Beck’s case he made a fortune helping to demonize, hurt and defame other people. He’s got money. He’s got the ability to rise above the shitstorm he helped create. Let him prove it in action. Deed. Money. Cry me a river. Have you considered gold? Or has that bunker got that stuffed up smell? Well! Bunker Blast fragrances would like to introduce you to a whole new line!
No slack from me. Proof is in pudding and I don’t smell anything cooking.

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