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CuriousLurker  Dec 13, 2016 • 3:55:54pm

So all this suffering for all these years and they’re right back in the hands of the sadistic bastard they were trying so hard to break free of.

It makes me so mad that they almost never catch a break, get a chance to be free. We tell them they need to have democracies and reformations, then when they rise up and try to do it we panic because of the extremists in their midst, and they get stomped back down and put back under the boots of tyrants (often with our help).

Then we commence whining again: “Why can’t they be more modern, like us? Maybe Islam isn’t compatible with modernity/democracy. Those cultures must be inferior to ours.” Right. Never mind that they’ve been around for millennia, unlike us & our culture, and we could never have gotten where we are without all of their contributions. Maybe, just maybe if they got a chance to breathe for a few decades and we stopped screwing around with their internal affairs, then they could.

Seems we’ll never know though, because [insert realpolitik BS here that lets us disregard ethics]. Gah! One day, maybe sooner than we think under the fast approaching governance of the Orange Scum and his confederacy of thieves, we could very well find out how it feels to walk in their shoes. We’ve already gotten a taste of how it feels to have another country poking it’s nose into our politics and helping put someone horrible in charge, so I guess we’re finally getting a taste of our own medicine. After all, it just realpolitik from Putin’s POV, right? Whatever’s best for Russia…

Yeah, I’m feeling grouchy. Gonna go do something else, sorry.

Motti  Dec 14, 2016 • 1:59:30am

Unshaken Defiance writes: “PEOTUS Trump (aka the minority suggested winner to the EC) and his shiny new pro Putin appointee Rex Tillerson were unavailable for comment”.

Perhaps Unshaken Defiance forgets that President Obama is still President of the United State and that John Kerry is still Secretary of State.

Perhaps Unshaken Defiance should refer us to their comments on this situation.
Perhaps Unshaken Defiance should review their actions over the past five years.
Perhaps Unshaken Defiance should remember that Trump has the power to make comments while President Obama has the power to use the might of the U.S. armed forces to stop the slaughter.

Perhaps Unshaken Defiance should explain what was written in the following articles by journalists and analysts that support President Obama

1. America’s Syrian Shame by Roger Cohen New York Times

2. Enough is enough- U.S. abdication on Syria must come to an end- Michael Ignatieff and Leon Wieseltier - Washington Post

The situation in Syria is beyond tragic, it’s horrendous and constitute war crimes if not genocide.

The United States of America as the world’s most powerful nation and the leader of the free world has the ability to stop it.

If President Obama has chosen not to exercise that ability despite more than ample time to do so than it’s nothing but a cheap shot to say that the President Elect and his nominee for Secretary of State haven’t been available for comment.

And really what difference does commentary make. What those people need is action. Comments don’t make any difference. Their sole purpose is for the administration in power to try to make the false impression that they’re doing something of significance. It would be better if they were to simply bow their heads in shame and make no comment.

Here are two articles by someone who is not a supporter of the current administration but whose commentary should be addressed on the merits.

Lee Smith:

1. Obama’s Syria Policy Isn’t a ‘Mistake.’ It’s Deliberate

2. The Ambassador From Hell?

If you want to answer this posting on the merits please feel free to do so.

If you simply want to rant then save your efforts.

Unshaken Defiance  Dec 14, 2016 • 9:01:10am

re: #2 Motti

Happy to discuss. I subscribed so will see your follow up. You confuse my worry about how the next administration will handle all this with an uncaring attitude about the past. I will look through your links. But gonna say upfront I am not a fan of a land invasion of Syria by way of resolving anything over there. Our military is a hammer. The problem is most often not a nail. What general comments have been made by Donald Trump on the M.E. and our military leave me thinking he will make things worse. In as much as that is even possible in Aleppo. We have points of agreement, I’ll just strikeout where ya lose me, if before i read your links.

Taking your material in is not happening by my coffee break.

The situation in Syria is beyond tragic, it’s horrendous and constitute war crimes if not genocide.

The United States of America as the world’s most powerful nation and the leader of the free world has the ability to stop it.

Consider that our record over there of making things better via massive military action is most charitably described as uneven. Especially since 9/11.

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