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CuriousLurker  Feb 18, 2017 • 6:47:10pm

Good grief, the ignorance and gullibility of these people is appalling. They’re repeating, verbatim in many cases, crap they’ve learned from the Islamophobia industry.

The violence that one guy, del Valle, is chomping at the for is not a bit different than the violence the Da’esh terrorists push people toward. He’s encouraging terrorism, pure & simple. *spit*

When—it’s no longer a matter of if—one (or more) of these assholes massacres a bunch of innocent Muslims I hope groups like the SPLC & other will go after groups & individuals responsible for spreading Islamophobia in civil court and crush them financially, just as they’ve done in the past to white supremacists.

CuriousLurker  Feb 18, 2017 • 7:23:19pm

You know what else chaps my hide? The euphemisms. Imagine if the headline read: Local Conservative Muslim Activists Prepare for Violent Confrontation With Christianity.

You can’t imagine it because it would never be written that way. Humor me while I pick the headline apart:

1.) “Conservative activists” don’t sit around plotting how to kill innocent Muslims or fight a war against a non-existent threat dreamed up in the right-wing fever swamps. You know who does? Radical right-wing nut-jobs. So yeah, let’s cut the PC crap and call them what they are.

2.) They’re not preparing for “violent confrontation,” they’re planning potential terrorist actions against innocent people. Violent confrontation implies that one has done everything possible to avoid said confrontation, but is left with no choice in the face of an existential threat. I’d point out that the article made it VERY clear that they’re NOT concerned with radicalized Muslims who are potential terrorists, they’re concerned with moderate, law abiding Muslims:

Del Valle’s comments about “killing the hell” out of Muslims were preceded by a warning from Jones about that the true danger to the United States is not necessarily al-Qaida, ISIS and other outwardly extremist groups that carry out spectacular acts of violence that garner widespread media coverage. People should be more concerned about Muslims who appear to be moderate and integrated into American society, he said.

That is some swivel-eyed, bug nuts crazy shit.

3.) The confrontation they’re supposedly preparing for isn’t with Islam, it’s with Muslims—people, humans, flesh & blood men, women and children—not some abstract theology or dogma.

So yeah, see? This is what pisses me off—the framing starts before you even get to the article. It may not be intentional, but as I said above, if it had been a meeting of Muslims the story would never in a million years have been titled “Local Conservative Muslim Activists Prepare for Violent Confrontation With Christianity,” it would have been more along the lines of “Cell of Radicalized American Muslims Prepare for Violent Jihad Against American Christians.”

Go ahead, someone c’mon over and convince me that I’m wrong. //

Major Tom  Feb 19, 2017 • 8:31:26am

My family has a cabin in this sleepy New York mountain town. This guy, Robert Doggart, wanted to massacre everyone in the adjacent village.

FOX News Islamberg Islamophobia Jihad Robert Doggart Hancock NY

CuriousLurker  Feb 19, 2017 • 9:30:06am

I’m guessing you meant to post this to the page about Doggart as this page is about a different group of wingnuts.

Major Tom  Feb 19, 2017 • 12:42:26pm

re: #4 CuriousLurker

Thanks. Missed that page on LGF. I have been following this story for personal reasons, and felt like it reminded me of this OP.

The Hancock, NY news makes me so livid. It was much more than just a bunch of “tough talk.”

CuriousLurker  Feb 19, 2017 • 8:53:39pm

re: #5 Major Tom

The Hancock, NY news makes me so livid. It was much more than just a bunch of “tough talk.”

Indeed. I hope Doggart spends whatever’s left of his miserable life in prison.

electrotek  Feb 20, 2017 • 12:34:27pm

Speaking of right wing threats, I challenged this guy to come find me in DFW and “drag me to the ocean”, in one of the comments from a news story involving this subject manner:

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