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Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus  Apr 10, 2020 • 2:24:24am

The reporter’s tweet of her story has several responses pointing out how quoting VDH, as the article does, is counterproductive to understanding Covid-19:

mmmirele  Apr 10, 2020 • 6:15:29am

Yes, can you push this? One of my friends (doesn’t come to LGF) saw this, saw Stanford and posted it. I was able to push back and point out it was Victor Davis Hanson based on the article you posted.

BigPapa  Apr 10, 2020 • 6:52:10am

re: #2 mmmirele

I posted it on my FB page, you can push it from there. I’ll make sure it’s public.

Sherlock Hound  Apr 10, 2020 • 8:26:16am

It has made the French press

BigPapa  Apr 10, 2020 • 8:38:49am

re: #4 Sherlock Hound

Geezus, but I guess full circle. The Hydrochloroquine Doctor That Looks Like Trump’s Personal Doctor is French.

BigPapa  Apr 10, 2020 • 8:46:57am

Email question and response. Note: Victor David Hansen ‘has a hypothesis’
I’m going to listen to AM radio today and see if it’s going viral.

Wed, Apr 8, 3:10 PM (2 days ago)
to cconrad2

Hi Caitlin,

Just curious about your story and it’s formulation, how it came to be, and how Victor Davis Hanson from Hoover is involved in the story.

Her response:

Conrad, Caitlin
Thu, Apr 9, 6:01 AM (23 hours ago)
to me


Thank you for reaching out with concerns. Dr. Hanson was interviewed in this story because he has hypothesized Covid-19 may have circulated in California as early as last fall and the Stanford Medicine study will find evidence that either supports or contradicts his hypothesis. Hanson is a senior fellow with the Hoover Institute a public policy think tank and public policy is at the heart of managing this pandemic.

The Stanford Medicine researchers behind the study only responded to me via email and were too busy for a full interview. All parties involved say we will know more when results come back in the coming weeks. I will report on those findings when I receive them.

No one I spoke to advocated easing back on social distancing at this time.

I hope this email finds you well,


BigPapa  Apr 10, 2020 • 2:01:51pm

Folllow up question and answer:

Thu, Apr 9, 6:30 PM (16 hours ago)
to Caitlin

Thanks for the response. Ya’ll are super busy now so I appreciate the time. Did Hansen contact you about the research? He’s a war historian and pretty well studied but I didn’t know he’s from the med wing there. I think he’s been a local there forever.

Conrad, Caitlin
6:17 AM (4 hours ago)
to me

No he did not reach out to me. A local paper the Carmel Pine Cone sent out a link to an article he wrote that included the hypothesis.

I searched the Carmel Pine Cone and found what I think is the story she’s talking about but it’s not written by Victor Davis Hanson. I searched a few issues back and nothing even close to the story and nothing from Victor Davis Hanson. The story I think she’s talking about is written by Chris Counts.


BigPapa  Apr 10, 2020 • 8:23:55pm

No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019
APRIL 10, 202012:57 PM

Directly addresses this story. Identifies Hanson as a wingnut but doesn’t get into the injection of wingnut BS into mainstream media.

BigPapa  Apr 11, 2020 • 7:49:56am

And Ingraham spreading the contagion. 24 - 36 hours from now till Trump pushes it? Place your bets!

BigPapa  Apr 14, 2020 • 2:29:36am

I did a timeline of the Herd Immunity disinformation, assuming the WSJ article from the Stanford doctors as Patient 0.

Herd Immunity Time Line

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