Mills are closing all over America because of Trump's idiotic tariffs

Steelworkers Voted Trump. His Tariffs Destroyed Their Jobs. Will They Swing the Rust Belt?

The election comes down to this: how deep down the Fox News rabbit hole ARE angry smalltown blue-collar racists?

We’re starting to see more and more stories coming out about smalltown blue-collar white men who voted for Trump, thinking that he would “save” their jobs (and make them uppity colored people go back into their place). Well, four years later, they’re starting to figure out that Trump is …

The GOP has recently succeeded in removing the social safety net laboriously built by FDR and the Democrats. Let's see how that works out for their voters.
Dairy farms clustered in north-central Wisconsin. This is the area that can swing for a Democrat. Suburbs around Milwaukee are gone - racism abounds there.
Farmers are committing suicide in Wisconsin. Nobody seems to care. They will vote for Trump again, if nobody actually gives a shit about them.