Military & counter-terrorism know how to find people. Let's set them loose on online trolls.

England Sports League Proves Online Trolls Can Be Stopped. So Why Aren’t They?

Trolls can be hunted down, identified & exposed. But that would hurt Facebook/YouTube/Twitter bottom lines

I had missed this: British sports teams, athletes, and the leagues themselves, announced a boycott of Facebook Instagram & Twitter this past weekend - soccer, rugby & cricket all joined in to protest the lack of action by the online giants. However, the real gem here is that if …

When Russian hackers can bring the U.S. to its knees and demand Trump be named "President For Life"?
Look for human misery. Then look for Big Tech companies figuring out a way to profit from it.
Russian bots take a global perspective - note that what obsesses our US-centric media right now, i.e. the Supreme Court pick - is down below Syria, encouraging strife in the EU, and the ongoing poisoning of Skripal in England