From the 8kun message board, which is now flooded with plaintive cries for Q to reappear and tell them their day of vindication and triumph is at hand. What will they do when the disappointment sinks in? Will it get (more) violent?

As Trump’s Loss Sinks In: Will Gullible QAnon Cult Turn Their Rage Outward?

What do we do with millions of Americans who fell for this charade? What will they seize on next?

It’s both fun & easy to dunk on the QAnon gullible morons these days: The movementcynical, insane, out of control grift is imploding, and few amongst the sane & reality based will shed many tears over reading stories that begin with paragraphs like this: But. Serious question. What do …

Are they out to get each other? Or is it all part of the Seekrit Plan? Whatever happens, Trump will believe the most idiotic version of it.