Former National Enquirer Reporters Blast David Pecker

“Cowardly skunks” is about the kindest words for Pecker and Trump

It seems there is honor amongst thieves, ethics amongst tabloid reporters. Tony Brenna, an old hand at the National Enquirer, had this to say about the current situation (via Facebook): “Having worked on and off for the National Enquirer for the past thirty years, like everyone else I’m disgusted by …

Either scuttle Kavanaugh - and incur the wrath of the Xtian Evangelicals - or cram him through and enrage suburban soccer moms. Your move, GOP.
The Average American worker is hanging on by their fingernails. And they know it. Desperate people do desperate things. Like vote for shallow demagogues because Fuck It, nothing else worked, right?
Russian bots take a global perspective - note that what obsesses our US-centric media right now, i.e. the Supreme Court pick - is down below Syria, encouraging strife in the EU, and the ongoing poisoning of Skripal in England