RWNJs: Libs Are Silent About Franken. Also: Loud Denunciations by Libs Prove He’s a Perv

To them, sexual assault is only bad if it’s done by a Democrat

Yeah, check out the dueling narratives going on over at RedState: The GOP and RWNJs are stumbling around, trying to figure out how to do what they always do with any issue: reduce it to an idiotic cudgel by which to “prove” that liberals are the real problem. In …

BREAKING: Presidential limo replaced with "Short Bus"; Eric Trump seen licking windows
Almost in touch with reality. Almost.
THIS is what they want to see. A brave white man. ISIS shooting at him. Heroism under fire. LIttle brown kid that's going to stay where he belongs: over there.
Is this the best Drudge can do? Are they running on fumes here? Most likely: not. They can lie all they want to the conservative morons, and they'll just lap it up...