His casket will have only two handles. Because that's how many handles there are on a garbage can.

UPDATE: Another RWNJ Radio Host Who Mocked Vaccines, Dies of COVID

The hits just keep coming, and with each one, the world becomes a slightly better place

Perhaps the fact that it’s the anniversary of Trump & his thug army of dimwits, racists, shitheels, fucktards and Nazis, all attempting to overthrow & destroy democracy in America that has got me into a mood. But I’m taking more than the usual amount of joyful schadenfreude satisfaction over …

In which John Nolte briefly acknowledges reality, and immediately drives his mental car into the ditch, indulging in pure projection anger fantasies of dire left-wing plots to murder all White Christians. OK, then ...
Millennials really don't understand that "the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."
Jim Hoft is desperate to appease his screaming, delusional audience with comforting lies. Unfortunately for him, CyberNinjas refuse to go along.
Military & counter-terrorism know how to find people. Let's set them loose on online trolls.
Beltway Journalists fan themselves and clutch pearls when the plain Truth is uttered, but the numbers are in: Trump Supporters are racist, violent fascists. DUH!!
Toxic narcissists fear public mockery and humiliation more than death. Keep this in mind. Trump would rather die than be exposed as a loser.
When Russian hackers can bring the U.S. to its knees and demand Trump be named "President For Life"?
From the 8kun message board, which is now flooded with plaintive cries for Q to reappear and tell them their day of vindication and triumph is at hand. What will they do when the disappointment sinks in? Will it get (more) violent?
Trump will launch his own TV channel to "Destroy Traitor Fox." Will enough mouth-breathing yokels tune in? Or will it split the GOP?