Speaking truth or wishful thinking?

Avenatti: “Cohen Just Got 3 Years. Donald Trump Is next.”

Tweetstorm or rage-induced stroke? Even odds as to what comes next

Michael Avenatti is taking no prisoners: Yes, he’s something of a sleazy character himself. But he says the things that Democrats are too pussified to speak aloud. The next step is Donald Trump himself being frog-marched out of the Oval Office in handcuffs. That is - that is the …

Either scuttle Kavanaugh - and incur the wrath of the Xtian Evangelicals - or cram him through and enrage suburban soccer moms. Your move, GOP.
The Average American worker is hanging on by their fingernails. And they know it. Desperate people do desperate things. Like vote for shallow demagogues because Fuck It, nothing else worked, right?
Russian bots take a global perspective - note that what obsesses our US-centric media right now, i.e. the Supreme Court pick - is down below Syria, encouraging strife in the EU, and the ongoing poisoning of Skripal in England
Say what you will about the Joker, he had a real eye for character. Unlike Trump. Who is a spoiled rich boy, always insulated from the consequences of his bad life choices.