In related news, sales of razor blades, nooses, pills, pistols and gas oven are on the rise!

Boston Globe Publishes President Trump’s 1st Day in Office

Get Doc Brown and Marty into that goddam DeLorean and STOP THIS!!!

Yeah, I know it’s pretty much and Epic Troll by the Globe, but still, seeing this on the front page of a major metro newspaper in the U.S. made my heart sink: The related editorial is entitled: The GOP Must Stop Trump. Cue: Twilight Zone music.

A rainbow flag at the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston LANE TURNER/GLOBE STAFF / boston globe.
Rick Kuhn (No. 35, fourth from left), Ernie Cobb (No. 14, left in first row), and Jim Sweeney (No. 21, right in first row) were part of the 1978-1979 BC basketball team.