The next two weeks will see more & more attempts to retcon cowardice into "trying to work within the system" and "you don't know how much worse it could have been had I not been there"

GOP Rats Deserting the Trumptanic: TOO LATE

They will try to deny everything. DON’T LET THEM DO THIS

The last few days have brought stories of a few GOP Senators, starting to talk openly about how much they despised Trump, and how they really aren’t to blame for the monstrous fuckup he, his dimwit greedy family, and the rest of the GOP thieves have made of the …

BREAKING: Presidential limo replaced with "Short Bus"; Eric Trump seen licking windows
Is this the best Drudge can do? Are they running on fumes here? Most likely: not. They can lie all they want to the conservative morons, and they'll just lap it up...